Team Christina Calls Out Team Gaga: Who's a Copycat Now?!?

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Having been away from the business for years, raising her son, Christina Aguilera came back in a major way last week.

She released the video for "Not Myself Tonight," which stirred up controversy over whether it was too sexy and provocative. In other words: it accomplished the exact goal Aguilera had in mind and put her right back on the musical map.

But another controversy has broken out about the single: is it a copycat? Critics allege that Christina has simply stolen her new style and edginess from Lady Gaga in a clear attempt to piggyback off that eccentric singer's success.

To that charge, one Christina fan in particular has a Clueless-like response: AS IF!

In the following video, an Aguilera supporter (with a lot of time on her hands) aims to prove that it's actually the other way around: Gaga has taken her cue from Xtina. Watch and decide for yourself:

Lady Gaga is likely too pissed at Fox to care much about this feud, but you can sound off below. Which artist is the most original?

Whose side are you on?


Umm.. the only reason Gaga's fashion looks like 'art' is because she doesn't have a pretty face, so when she does it, it's 'art.' When Christina does it, it's called 'cheap' because her she's good-looking.. duh.


First of all, anyone who has to sell records by using their looks just shows that they aren't that good. I understand that nowadays it's about both looks and sound but a good singer can sing, you should even have to see them and know they are good. Christina is an example of someone who can sing who never needed to add to her voice by being so showy but that is what she did. As for Gaga, she is a rip off of Madonna. I know because I was a teen when Madonna became famous and I rememeber it well. Nothing Gaga does is original to me since I have seen it all before. Never cared for Madonna all that much but at least she was more original. She DID copy off of Marilyn Monroe though.


Yeah, been saying it for a while that Lady Gaga isn't that original. She's simply a madonna wannabe. Hey I like Gaga's music, but vocally she's no match for Christina but then again, not too many are!!


she is carzy


I'd like to know how someone who has been around LONGER can be copying someone? Hmm? You say Christina is copying Gaga but Christina has been around since I've been ALIVE!! She was on Mickey Mouse Club House and she has been singing her little heart out over since. Lady Gaga is just RECENTLY famous. If you look on the dates of that video Christina's outfits came before Gaga's. And how can you call it copying when someone who was on a hiatus comes back with THEIR styles and THEIR songs. Christina rocked those looks way before Gaga. But yes, Gaga made them way more iconic. I'll give you that much. In my opinion no one is copying anyone. Christina has her syle and Gaga has hers. Yes they might be similar and equaly outlandish but I don't think anyone was intentionally copying anyone.


Maybe I'm the only one but when it comes to those bolder looks, I am glad how xtina accompanied them with a nice, soft face and bold lip. It didn't make her look desperate but sexy and confident. Classy, even! And that is why in my book, Xtina carries the looks better.


Team Gaga. I like Christina but this proves nothing except that her hardcore fans have too much time on their hands. Lady Gaga has been influenced by a lot of artists but Christina is not one of those people. She's currently grasping for relevence and trying to ride Gaga's coat tails in order to achieve it. I wish them both the best but Gaga in less than two years has already made more of a cultural impact than Christina has in over a decade. Christina has a good voice when she isn't screaming and grunting but what else does she have to fall back on...not much.


In this case it does NOT matter who came first. Its the matter of who did it better, in this case I believe Lady Gaga is, in her unique way the winner. As a artist, if you rip of another artist you do but you make it your own and that's what lady gaga has done. She brought personality with her costumes, and certainly out did Christina. And if lady gaga is 'copying' Christina why wasn't this brought up before? It wasnt because Christina passed her expiry date and that Lady Gaga has become so big she shits on her.


Gaga is definitely cheap and a copy of Christina. Xtina came FIRST...DUH! And there are so many obvious copies of these outfits it's mind boggling! Xtina has a much better voice and figure too, much sexier and shapely. Prettier face and hair too. Gaga stinks! And Bowie is the champ!!!


I really love Christina but she does have a habbit of copying other artists. First it was britney then it was madonna then it was gwen stefani and now its lady gaga. She does have her own identity she just has to fined it.

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