Taylor Swift Named New Face of CoverGirl

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Taylor Swift is awesome - and THG isn't the only company that thinks so.

The singer has been named the new spokesperson for CoverGirl. She joins the ranks of other stars that have represented the brand, such as Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Queen Latifah and Ellen DeGeneres.

While Swift's ads for a line of luxury cosmetics won’t debut until January 2011, here's a sneak peek at her in the new role:

Says CoverGirl General Manager Vince Hudson:

"Taylor is beautiful, inspiration with an effortless-chic style, making her the perfect person to represent a new, luxurious collection of products debuting on Cover Girl next year."

We can't argue with any of that. Take a look at the singer on tour below:

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i agree with peter i gave up on her i know that she's a player just like joe jonas she dates this guy and make a hit song that she can't sing at all she needs to get over with it


I agree, toyfer, she is such a beautiful young lady , and deserves all the best! I can only hope that sheena and milan will take prick's (I mean peter's) lead, and just give it all up! The whole world would be so much better off without their dead weight dragging people down. Best wishes, Taylor, shine on!


Good for you, Taylor! It's about time everyone discovered just what a beautiful person you are! Cover Girl's stock will certainly rise to new levels as soon as everyone sees their commitment to inner as well as outer beauty! Keep up the good work, I'll be pulling it for you!


I hope cover girl gives her a whole new face. Because, that is exactly what she needs. She's ugly with those little beady squinty eyes. I won't buy anything that she hawks.


i think thats good for her now she's doing something difert i love cover girl make up


I'm so sick of Taylor Swift! Talk about overexposed. Take a step back and give us back some mystery ferchrissakes! Where is Chris Brown, defender of the public from annoying heifers!


I give up. Seriously. I can only pry that one day people will finally realize that this girl is an overproduced and overmarketed "artist". And people have been wasting their money buys her stuff and wasted their time worshiping her as some sort of princess, which she isn't. She's waaaay overrated and I'm getting tired of people trying to shove her down my throat.


And well she should be! After what she did for those two who wanted a hug from her,Taylor Swift should receive all she wants and nothing but good or great things. It's nice to see a celeb so grounded and willing to not forget her fans. I am very impressed. Best wishes to you Taylor. Stay real...A fan; Hollywood...


what is she thinking