Spencer Pratt Calls Cops on Darlene Egelhoff; Heidi Montag's "Psycho" Mom Forced Off Premises

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On The Hills Tuesday night, Spencer Pratt threatened to call the cops on Holly Montag if his wife's sister didn't leave his property. Idle threat? Apparently not!

Police were dispatched to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's home just hours ago after the couple called for help, saying Heidi's mother was refusing to leave.

Heidi confirmed this to TMZ: "My mom just showed up to the house unannounced ... after what she did to me on national TV, I have no desire to see her."

Montag is referring to a recent episode of The Hills in which Darlene Egelhoff said point blank that she did not approve of her daughter's plastic surgeries.

This week, Spencer claimed Darlene "tried to rape Heidi emotionally" and called her "just a vagina" who brought Heidi into the world, but is not special.

Welcome 2 the Freak Show

Heidi Montag is done with her mom's emotional abuse!

Heidi notified her personal security team when her mom showed up "pounding on the door." Darlene spoke with the police but has now left the premises.

She continues, "Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic. I’m getting a restraining order against her." No arrests were made in the incident.

Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Leffew said:

"Officers arrived on the scene and advised the mother that since her daughter is an adult, she doesn't have to speak to [the mom] if she doesn't want to. The mother said 'fine, no problem' and left. There were no citations or arrests."

Heidi Montag promises this isn't the end of all the drama: "I made it very clear that I want nothing to do with her in my life right now," she tells People.

"I'm sick to my stomach she would even do something like this. She needs to stay away from me. I’m planning on getting a restraining order against her."

Heidi's Mom is Pissed

Heidi Montag's mom, Darlene Egelhoff, isn't smiling right now.


Heidi-You have know clue what you are doing to people who love you!!! Everyone but you and Spencer can see how crazy the both of you are!! After you get done hurting everyone and you are all alone than what??? More surgery??? Ya thats going to fix everything !!Right?? Grow up little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who cares that Heidi's mom chose not to abort. Maybe she should have..ungrateful little wrench! But Heidi's beautiful and after..what's great about America choice...


Spencer is not the bad guy this time..he's just responding to his wife's request. How sad for Heidi that she has lost touch with what is important. Though public support would be nice for a mom. Privately let her have it! Heidi's fine with the fake boobs as long as they don't get any bigger....otherwise disgusting! She's your mom and you just had mother's day, Heidi! Show some love or you wouldn't even be around to have made The Hills......


A psycho married to a wienee...the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it.


It is apparent to the whole world that this is a sick and evil situation. Heidi is in a downward spiral and is in a sick relationship. Her poor mother is trying to reach out to her child and is rejected in the most cruel and heartbreaking manner. These people have lost touch with all decency and normalcy and should both be committed and separated. One of the worst examples of what Hollywood can do to a person without any values or center (or brains).


Heidi, wake up! You are married to a physco. I can't believe that you can't see what the whole world can see. Spencer has huge emotional issues ans he isn't very far from completely loosing it. Please, please leave and save yourself before things get too bad for you. The reason you have doubted yourself so much as to allow yourself to go through such drastic surgeries is because of the way that Spencer has treated you for so many years now. Think about it...not one of these comments have been positive or even on your side. Get yourself out of there and into some counseling of your own. Do not look back girl, save yourself and the relationships with your mother and sister. How can you continue to allow your husband to be so rude to your friends and family and think it's okay???? If a man loved you he wouldn't do that to you or your family. The only person Spenser loves is Spenser. Please get help for yourself and get out before everything blows up in your face!


U Need a DIVORCE!!!! I hate u spencer, and i feel relly bad for Heidi. She is taking care of a crazy man plus SPENCER is hypnitizeing Heidi to become crazy and it's totally working!


Yes Heidi......that's my real name unlike you bitch~! You and Spencer are nuts.......both of you need to be locked up~! Poor Darlene~! Where is Heidi's real Dad? He needs to kick Spencer's ASS~!


Hell Heidi, you changed everything else...why don't you see if they can do something about your DNA! LMAO, stupid heffer!


She only told her/you what EVERYONE else is thinking. I can tell you one this Ms. Heidi, You WILL regret this. Mark my words. Men (crazy husbands) come and go but you have but ONE mother. What if she were to be hurt or killed in a car wreck? Do you HONESTLY want the last thing you did with your mother to include the police? You will blame spencer for this one day, again, mark my words.

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