Sandra Bullock: Fooled By Jesse James' Lies?!

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Along with blaming cheating on past child abuse he suffered, Jesse James told Nightline that a divorce from Sandra Bullock may be inevitable, but he doesn't want to.

Might he still be working passive-aggressively to stop her?

According to celebrity gossip magazine, he's still fighting in hopes of a reconciliation - and has been putting his kids to work on his behalf! Calculated guilt trips = classy.

Knowing how close his will-be-ex became to Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6, during their nearly five-year marriage, he's been encouraging them all to "let Sandra know how much they miss her," the actress' friend shares.

Fooled By Lies

He even had them send homemade Mother's Day cards. Weak.

James "phoned Sandra and claimed Sunny was running a fever and asked if he should bring her to the doctor," says a friend who adds that it wasn't a one-time thing.

"Sunny tells her she misses her and misses Louis," as well. Talk about going all out to break Sandra's heart, or at the very least make her feel bad. Win-win, really.

According to her friend:

  • Jesse even used the children to get Sandra's support for the Nightline sit-down, saying if he can't save his reputation, it'd be hard to support the kids. 
  • He's been hawking old crap online in an attempt to show that he has serious money problems, supposedly, and possibly convince her to stay that way.
  • He faked the contrite tears on Nightline the other night.

For once, Michelle McGee might see eye-to-eye with Sandra.


We all want so much to protect Sandra Bullock from this heartbreak she has endured through no fault of her own. He appeared to be a free spirit by all outward signs. It seemed a "little" out of character for Sandra to settle down with such an opposite. Hey, who are we to judge. People make bad choices for all the right reasons. She is a smart saavy woman. Why choose Jesse James? Did she think she could control, change or tame such a free spirit? Money or fame cannot buy you love. Sandra knew that.


WHAT A...sorry but,
I apologize to the mentally handicapped and the gay, you guys are cool, i meant that in the Doug Stanhope sense.


Why doesn't he just hook up with Dumbshit McGee? They are perfect together, with 5 kids between them they are almost up to Brangelina.


Michelle should crawl back under the rock she came out of. She has been in the "light" long enough over this scandel. Go get a new tatoo.


And why do all of the skanky homewreckers get to pass judgement on others? you KNOWINGLY slept with a married man - McGee is TRASH and dont deserve an opinion on other people's morals she is a whore.


All according to script. Keep pushing buttons till they hit the right one! Jesse should have taken some acting lessons before his interview.

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