Sammi Giancola, Jersey Shore Getting Sued (Again)

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The fist-pumping Jersey Shore cast members are under fire again for putting said fists where they don't belong. Two South Florida attorneys are filing assault charges - not against one of the dudes, but against Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola.

No wonder MTV is replacing the cast.

The 22-year-old star reportedly got into a fight while at Club Dream on South Beach on May 8. Kristin DeMinco was the woman on the receiving end.

DeMinco's attorneys say she was assaulted and punched twice in the face by Giancola while in the club. "She saw me talking to him," Deminco said.

"Asked why I was talking to her boyfriend. She was jealous I guess that I was talking to him. I was like, you can calm down ... we are just talking."

Sammi Giancola Pic

She cleans up nice, but Sammi's got a temper!

Look, you don't want to even be accused of hitting on Ronnie Magro.

"I wasn't trying to hit on him," she maintains. "She exchanged bad words at me. I exchanged some bad words back. She hit me twice in the face."

Then the Guidos/ettes who gained reality TV fame in Seaside Heights, N.J., supposedly took part in another fight, getting 'em kicked out of the club.

They lawsuit is the latest in what has become a trend of Jersey Shore cast members getting into physical altercations for increased television ratings.

Just last week, a New Jersey judge agreed to hear a lawsuit claiming Jersey Shore producers encouraged cast members to provoke fights for publicity.

Detestable and possibly criminal? Sure. But entertaining stuff. Season Two premieres July 29! Let the fights and Jersey Shore quotes commence!


Um James, you would be alright because I assume you don't scream at your girl she is a cunt and a whore? I assume you don't lie to her, cheat on her, breaks all her stuff, tries to pick fights for no reason? Why in hell would it be a problem dating Sam? You would just never get the CHANCE. Cause in real life you would LOVE to do so but she is just way above your league.


id hit it but id definitly have to quit it cuz theres no way in hell id want an emotionally needy baby on my balls 24/7. sami is hot but her mentality and emotions got her all sorts of fkd up


some of u dummies want to defend sammi but you wouldnt be defending her now if she punched u in the face over u looking at ron now would you? girl has some security issues and her relationship is poison and its going to end up with either one of them in jail. i dont judge anybody but sammi makes herself look bad. sorry to sound all "ghetto" but she needs to take her notebook lookin ass else where. shes pretty but she is a dumbass


Sammi no doubt has a fine hot bod, and nice legs!
Her only problem is that she doesn't really need Ron, except for his other head, which she obviously luvs, why else is she still with the dude. I just hope she don't catch a STD from him, if she already hasn't.


sammi is the maddest bitch! shes my fav
prettiest girl ever, haha thats funny all girls below are just jelous because shes gorgeous. Angelina is also not as bad as everyone made her out to be.
get over it.


yeah i have to agree but sammi is a wonderful person


Wow, when did all you people become so fucking perfect, that you could judge Sammi or Mike or anyone else for that matter ? Im sure all of you are fucking covergirl material and have the IQ of Albert Einstein right ? Think before you speak.


sammi your a mean bitch i hope ronni leaves you for good


Sammy is the greasiest hoe EVER her face is fuckin nasty its all pock-marked and always fuckin sweaty and greasy lookin.. SICK. TRANNY


love jersery shore im italian i hope they make more season theres on more esp on black mtv oh MTV..i think sammi is really hot

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