Rima Fakih Defends Pole Dancing Pics

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Newly-crowned and newly-embattled Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih maintained her stripper pole dancing innocence Thursday in an interview on Fox & Friends.

"Have you ever done those pole dancing classes?" she asked the hosts. "That's what it was. My friend, a DJ at the station said, 'Why don't you get up there?'"

Rima Fakih Bikini Picture

Rima Fakih, 24, became the first Muslim-American and second Arab-American to win the Miss USA crown Sunday, besting 49 beauties from across the U.S. of A.

Some have said that she is basically the politically correct Miss USA, as she didn't deserve to win on merit, but no matter. We're talking about stripper pole pics.

Less than 24 hours after she won, photos were released of Rima Fakih grinding during a "Stripper 101" contest for the Detroit radio show "Mojo In The Morning."

Rima Fakih says her stripper pole pics were not a big deal.

"A few pics were snapped, and, of course, they don't look the best angle as I normally [do]," she said of the photos, in which she wears a tank top, shorts and heels.

Although she did not remove any clothes, she was declared grand prize winner of the contest and won jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use.

"It wasn't pole dancing," she said. "It was more of a... promotional event."

It was pretty tame by comparison. In 2009, Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean was stripped of her Miss California title after some topless photos of her surfaced.

Should Rima Fakih be allowed to keep her crown?


duh its not like she really is the most beautiful woman in the US of A. there are others that are truly deserving but dont go in for trashy superficial contests like these..


I know she's American but she can't be more of an American thatn me, I was born here. Anyway, I thought that the pageant was stricter. I just dont like her answer to the pole dancing pic, how does she know it wasn't pole dancing? Looks like it to me. Regardless, I guess if she represents America throughout the year in a good way then we all win.


a chill out she didnt get naked or anything its called having a good time.im soo happy she won miss usa and for those who are hating on her get over it theres nothing you can do other then sit an cry hahaha gooood jobb rima


to Monkey: Chill out, dude. No need to insult people. Unless you are a native American, your ancestors also came from somewhere else (England or Portugal most likely). Also, this contest features swimsuits, which pretty much brings sexuality into play anyway. No need to get all excited over the fact that the girl touched the pole a few times.


To Jeff: I aint no FUCKING hater and I am more AMERICAN than she is!! FUCK YOU for assuming I was not!


Keep unveiling girl! Call me... HH


Pic of squatting pole dance move was airbrushed or she had Brazilian wax. Ouch!


Guessing Rima's fondness for a filmed dare will yield more racy pics of this Muslim. Bet the cave of hypcocrite pervert Osama Bin Laden is already wallpapered with Rima's pole dancing and swimsuit pics. Hmmmmm...Was her win rigged for pyschological warfare against radical Muslim countries. To unleash more "shock and awe". Will we now see the Rima boob bomb


You don't get it.. she's as much an American as you are. Assuming you are one. Don't be a hater.


Thought they were suppose to be morally better than us AMERICANS??!! Isn't that what they always hated about us??!! What a bunch of hypocrites!! She should have never won and now she can join the rest of those girls who have done something disgraceful in there past and now she has to defende herself. Join the HOE club!! Welcome!! You have a lot in common with that Prejan hoochie! LMAO
And no not all girls have done this stripping thing-whether it was for fun or a contest for money.


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Rima Fakih Bikini Picture
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