Report: Britney Spears Not Allowed to Be Alone With Sean Preston, Jayden James

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If this is true, it's hilarious and sad at the same time.

The National Enquirer (we know, we know) says Britney Spears is fed up her father Jamie's control over her - and we're not talking about his mandatory bra policy.

Tension is rising because under the terms of the singer's conservatorship, she's not allowed to be alone with her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, ever!

"Britney is furious that she isn’t trusted to care for her own kids without supervision," says a source. "She is getting into screaming matches with her father Jamie."

"She can never have quiet time with the boys without bodyguards, nannies or family members. She’s afraid her sons won’t feel bonded to her as they get older."

"Little things set her off – like being told what they should eat. When her parents or a nanny suggest the boys shouldn’t eat so much fast food, Britney resents it."

Britney and Sean Preston seldom get a moment alone ...

"She feels there’s nothing normal about being watched all the time. When it comes to making decisions about the boys, she’s being overruled by her father, Kevin, even the hired help – and Britney blames it all on her dad."

"Britney says having kids and become a mom is her biggest achievement. She loves her boys and she desperately wants to have another baby. She knows time is running out and is keen to get pregnant by the time she hits 30."

"Britney has been saying lately that, although her relationship with Jason is a bit unstable, she’d love nothing more than for him to be her next baby daddy.”

LOL. So she wants another baby more than anything, even if she can't see the ones she has, and yearns for "unstable" beau Jason Trawick to impregnate her.

Highly questionable story. Well, except the junk food bit. That's totally legit. You know she and the kids chow down on Cheetos and beer every single night.

Click to enlarge some Britney Spears pictures with the kiddies ...

Britney Spears' Elle Cover
Britney Spears and Family
Pacify This!
Sean Preston and Jayden James Pic
Britney Spears' Children

She needs to have her thyroid can see it in her eyes and the size of her thyroid. It's starting to look like she may have a goiter.


This is so dumb and insulting to britney spears. People are idiots. Britney is not a bad mom. People need to get lives and stop trying to ruin her. I cant believe how everyone says crap about her, and then wonders why she hates people like you? U guys are so stupid. And who cares if she has cheetohs every now and then. I have cheetohs and so does millions of other people and there is nothing wrong with that and I'm sure she gives her kids healthy food, but why not give them fun things when they are out and about and having fun? Get a life you losers!


Hello she locked herself in a bathroom with him and she refused to give him back!!!


Sorry but the story above makes it clear to me that she DOES still need to have someone monitoring her around the boys. She may not want to accept it but she has a serious mental illness that nearly killed her only a few years ago. The boys need to be kept safe. Period. Sorry if it hurts Brit-Brit's feelings, but that's the deal.

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