Rachel Uchitel Text Messages to David Boreanaz: Sexually Explicit, Clingy, Kind of Pathetic

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Rachel Uchitel became a household name as Tiger Woods’ mistress.

But before she started the chain of events that sent Elin Woods into a 9-iron wielding rage and crushed Tiger's image and face, she was David Boreanaz's mistress.

This isn't a new revelation, but Uchitel is once again under scrutiny after a different woman came forward alleging an affair with the married Boreanaz this month.

Boreanaz went public with his infidelity, claiming the second chick tried to extort him in exchange for silence. But it appears his fling with Uchitel was more intense.

Newly-leaked Blackberry messages between them show Rachel being graphically seductive one minute, then raging mad for not spending time with her the next.

When mistresses wanna be exclusive, it gets ugly.

His wife, Jaime Bergman, was pregnant with their second child, and even though he texted Rachel during the labor, that wasn't enough for Uchitel. Here's an exchange:

Boreanaz: "This is not a good time."

Uchitel: “I can’t do this anymore. Just go. Just (bleeping) go and be with her.”

Boreanaz: “Why do u act like such a (bleeping) child!!! She is my wife”

Uchitel: “Oh, please!! You’re such a liar. You’re never leaving. You’ve wasted my time and I'm alone. I can’t f*%king be alone anymore. I’ve been alone my entire life.”

Boreanaz: “What the HELL are you talking about. We spend more than enough time together.”

You get the idea. The text messages offer a rare, explicit look inside an affair between two people who would later go on to make major gossip headlines for ... affairs.

Things were serious between Rache and the Bones star for awhile, it appears. Here's a back-and-forth in response to some (apparently graphic) photos he sent her ...

Uchitel: My favorite is you c***ing ... that face you make

Boreanaz: OMG !!! I can't wait to F**K you! I want my puma soooooo bad, you are soooo f*%ing HOT!!!

Uchitel: I need you inside of me. I want to taste you.

In another exchange, Uchitel tells Boreanaz that she is arriving in L.A., where they hooked up at the swanky L'Hermitage Hotel - with David footing the bill.

Uchitel also references another location and secret tryst, having flown out of La Guardia airport with Boreanaz on June 21, 2009, for a three-day hook up.

Finally, she told David Boreanaz that she needs to be "the only one."

Boreanaz: "That is extremely IMPOSSIBLE at this stage in my life, I fear Jamie will not let me see the baby."

Asked for comment via her lawyer, Gloria Allred, Uchitel issued a statement:

"Rachel Uchitel has reviewed the text messages alleged to be between her and David Boreanaz. She believes they are not authentic and someone is deliberately trying to portray her in a false light. Ms. Uchitel strongly asserts that these texts should not be published."

Sure thing, Gloria. Because if we can think of anyone with impeccable credibility, it's that serial home-wrecking, money-grubbing floozy Rachel Uchitel.


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