Rachel Uchitel Denies David Boreanaz Extortion

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The incomparable Rachel Uchitel is speaking out, denying any role in the newly revealed David Boreanaz extortion plot of which the Bones star speaks.

Rache is totally pissed off at reports that she tried to extort Boreanaz and she's going to do something about it - hold a live press conference, naturally.

Rachel Uchitel and Husband

In fact, the O.G. Tiger Woods mistress is flying back from Mexico tomorrow or Thursday to emphasize she has "never extorted anyone" out of money.

Which we already knew, but hey, why miss any conceivable opportunity to get your home-wrecking, fame-seeking face in front of the camera, right?

Rachel Uchitel: So sweet. So pretty. So morally bankrupt.

Rachel Uchitel did bone Boreanaz while his wife was pregnant, and before the Tiger Woods scandal exploded. But she is not the mistress who demanded a six-figure settlement from him, she maintains (and no one insinuated). 

In fact, reports say David told his wife, Jaime Bergman, about the affair before Star magazine broke the story last fall, and she was incredibly upset.

You can see why, since he was texting Rachel while Jaime was in labor.

Much more so than she is this time. It was Bergman who encouraged Boreanaz to come forward about the new, unnamed mistress' alleged extortion.

Both David Boreanaz mistresses are represented by Gloria Allred, who plans to argue that the Bones star deceived #2 by saying she was the only one.

Even while #1 is also her client. Oh, the irony ... and conflicts of interest.

Despite two huge scandals, all indications suggest that David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman are working through things and remain committed to their marriage.

Boreanaz' lawyer, Marty Singer, calls the demand for money extortion. Rachel Uchitel reportedly got $10 million from Tiger Woods to shut her yap in the wake of that scandal, but that's not extortion - he coughed it up by choice.

No offense to David Boreanaz, but no way he's got $10 million just sitting around in his Bank of America checking account like Tiger freaking Woods.

Dude had to call her out. Your move, money-grubbing mistress. Your move.


lul. what a jerk boreanaz is in making allegations like this and how stupid his wife is in standing behind him while he so blatantly lies to people. i think it's hilarious that the man in this situation's getting off like he hasn't done anything wrong equal to what the mistress has done. that old silly mindless double standard I guess. hope we evolve past that soon. boreanaz needs to have a few more affairs while he still can because apparently he's so emotionally bankrupt his looks and fame are all he's got goin' got him... and judging by the nasty row of hair plugs across his forehead he won't have the looks much longer.. hey david, know what pretty girls call rich ugly men? "Client".... lol


This continuing crap is making Gloria look bad. Take the high road Gloria. These "alleged" mistresses deserve nothing but disgust.


what a sorry ass BITCH can't this ho find a man thats not married.


I wouldn't mind donating money to David B. to have Rachel and Gloria put behind bars where they belong.


Wow, that David tosser is married to angel. Wtf is he doing with that Ukelele skank.


Wow! People like this woman should be put in jail. Extortion is illegal and she is obviously seeking to put herself in a position that enables her to blackmail unfaithful men. Yes being unfaithful is a crime but her intent is criminal in nature! The law should really make an example of this harlet. Maybe she can afford a personality and some better eyebrows with all the money she is making sleeping with married men.


What is it with these men and hoes?


Rachel And Gloria are denying Rachel has anything to do with the extortion because it may have backfired, but I remember reading that Rachel was a madam providing prostitutes to celebrities and she was also sleeping with them. The media has reported she was involved with both, David and Tiger!!!


Does anyone else think that maybe this Rachel chick enjoys sleeping with married men? That makes two that we know of and who knows how many more non-famous, married men she's been with. Me thinks she is a ho!!

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