Rachel Uchitel: David Boreanaz Not Part of My Life

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Rachel Uchitel is speaking out and denying rumors that she's the "other woman" who had an affair with and is trying to extort money from David Boreanaz.

The former NYC club hostess, who went on to be romantically linked to Tiger Woods and got an eight-figure settlement to shut up about it, said Thursday:

"David Boreanaz is not part of my life, nor will he be."

"I am not in contact with him and do not wish to be. I have made no claims against him and do not plan to assert any. Any statements to the contrary are false and I hope that this statement will finally end any speculation about this issue."

Professional Mistress

Rachel Uchitel is quick to get her name back in the news deny rumors.

"I am looking forward to a life not filled with scandal, rumor, innuendo or false statements. I will not have any further comment regarding David Boreanaz."

Thank goodness. With this rumor finally put to rest, you may now exhale and return to your lives. The above Rachel Uchitel statement is great because:

  • For someone who wants a life not filled with scandal, she sure likes to put out for rich, married celebrities ... you're kinda asking for this, Rache.
  • She did have an affair with David Boreanaz, while his wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant in fact - it's just not the affair in question this second.
  • She doesn't deny an affair with him, because it happened.
  • No one ever said she was the woman extorting Boreanaz.

But thanks for weighing in, Rache!

He's not a part of her life ... but he was before!


Isn't this the SAME chick who swore that Tiger only loved her? And that she's not a homewrecker? It's obvious this woman dates famous married men as her hobby. Sick. Yet we give her more and more press like this is an admirable thing. To NeNe, you are NOT alone, she's got a messed up face. Everything is crooked and she looks like a man. Not saying that to be mean but it floors me that she's so popular.


Well I think the girl is a beauty, but it is her reputation that taints it, with all the scandal surrounding her all we see is the ugly----to bad for Rachel---how many people and familys have been hurt and broken if she is in the crowd? But in her defense, come on guys keep your damn pants up, you know you are married with children.


I think she's TRYING to get put back in the magazines. This fame-whore obviously needs attention. I doubt she's one of the women that David slept with, it was just an attempt by her to get famous, and it tanked. She's also upset because no one wants to buy her shitty show 'Romancing Rachel'. YOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME IS UP!


This women needs help... she says shes done with the scandals rumors and induendos... ummm dont sleep with married men and you wouldnt have that problem honey. She really is disgusting and leaves nothing but hurt and tears in her wake. And yes the men are responsible too but this women seems to go out trolling for nothing but married men.


She is very ugly and looks very trashy,sleeping with those famous guys for money and to obtain luxury lifestyle but those men are to blame also.


I do not find Rachel even remotely attractive. Am I alone here? I think she's trying too hard to be sexy.

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