Rachel Uchitel Bashes Joslyn James, Vice Versa

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Tiger Woods once texted that he wanted to choke, spank and pummel Joslyn James. Rachel Uchitel may want to do the same, albeit in a slightly different way.

Appearing on TMZ Live Friday to discuss her affair with David Boreanaz (classy), Rachel accused Joslyn of using her exploits with Tiger to become a celebrity.

Which is true, but that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Calling Uchitel a hypocritical liar, Joslyn James responds: "I find it extremely funny that she is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger. Oh yeah, that's right. She got PAID by Tiger to keep her mouth shut."

Also true. Keep it going, ladies!

Joslyn James (Veronica Daniels)

Meow! The claws are out between Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James!

"I find it funny that she says she was 'well known' before Tiger," James added. "I never heard of her before that. I was an actress and a dancer ... I gave that up because I was fooled in a relationship with Tiger, and merely went back to what I was doing."

So basically, she was a porn star, then a Tiger Woods mistress, then a porn star making a Tiger-themed porno based on her stint as a Tiger Woods mistress.

Makes perfect sense to us!

As for Rachel Uchitel, she says the alleged text messages to David Boreanaz (the married star she can still talk about legally), were fabricated and all lies.

"That's not how I talk," she says. "That's just not how we spoke to each other."

She cites an error in the messages that proves her case: "The man knows how to spell his wife's name!" Uchitel insists. "On those text messages that I saw, her name was spelled wrong. Why would he spell his wife's name wrong?"

Uhh, because he was sexting you at the time and the keys are really small?

What's funnier, that two Tiger Woods mistresses are arguing over who's a bigger attention whore, or the fact that one also slept with Bones star David Boreanaz?

Like Joslyn James and Tiger Woods, Rachel insists she was misled by Boreanaz: "I was in a relationship with somebody that made it very clear that he loved me, wanted to be with me, cared very much about me, wanted me to wait for him."

"I didn't see it as this thing where I was trying to break up a marriage."

Right, you just single out married celebrities by coincidence, Rache.


Uchitel claims he spelled his wife's name wrong. I guess she never heard of anyone making a typo, especially in text messages where an error is easy to make. LOL She is as phoney as her soul make "Tiger" as he renamed himself. Does anyone know why he never went out with black women? He's supposedly "black," isn't he? Okay, less than 1/2, but you know what I mean.


Ha, ha, Deb, good post! :)


Zachaaaaary You're Soooo Soooo Sooooo Cuuuuute (L) I Just Dont Wish Any Thing More Than To See U :( I Need Ur Emaail At Least Or Ur Fone Number !!!
I Like All Ur Movies Especially 17 AGAIN & HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 (L) They're Amaaziiing (y) !


I believe Rachel Uglytell and Tiger Hypocrite Woods should get back together. They are in the same league : both are FAKE UGLY NASTY DIRTY IMMORAL REPUGNANT PIGS WHO ONLY THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES. They don't think about the consequences of their actions.
I'm glad to hear that Elin is getting rid of this jackass. He never never deserved her. She was tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good for him and she obviously married way below her class.
Now Mr Woods the pig can have all the trashy stupid bimbos he wants. He will realize what my dad used to tell me : YOU WANT WHAT YOU HAD !!!!!!


Tiger Woods is doomed!!! It appears to me that Tiger will never be able to get his life back. Not with all those W-H-O-R-E-S, with their ugly silicone enhanced plastic bodies, waiting for him to come back to them for more pervert, kinky sex. The only things Tiger has now is a mediocre Golf game, a Damaged Reputation for the rest of his life and many immoral, spiteful, shameless, money hungry mistresses, that will continue to make his life miserable. What a truly sad future!!!


We've gone through the looking glass and everything is backwards.

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