Proof That God Hates Kim Kardashian

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As a celebrity gossip blogger, Kim Kardashian is a God send. She provides endless material with which we can mock the heck out of this utterly talentless reality star.

But Kim herself has not had the same luck with The Man Upstairs. In the latest issue of Shape, she shares what life was like as a big-breasted child.

Another Bikini Pic

Because her boobs were so much bigger than anyone else at the age of 10, Kim says "I remember crying in the bathtub... I took a washcloth, made it hot, put it over my chest and prayed, ‘Please don't let them grow any bigger. They're embarrassing me.'"

And did God heed this prayer? YOU TELL US.

Thanks to her large breasts, Kim Kardashian is famous. Thanks to an unhealthy diet of QuickTrim and Photoshop experts, she looks like this.


Pleeze...that same old tired "story" has been circulating in the men's mags for decades, long before Ms K was born. The sad story of the poor girl cursed with early sexual maturity...I guess the image titillates men...(pun intended). But wait! I thought Ms K was famous for her big lardy African American like ass, not her chest. I would bet my kids inheritance that her chest is not all her. She got it enhanced to balance out the pear like figure she was cursed with. Check back at the old photos of her, especially since the new slimer her does not seem to show the effects of the weight loss in her chest. Common, don't piss down my neck an tell me its raining.


puh lease there is nothing this woman is ever embarrased about, she proved that by deliberately leaking her own sex tape, getting pissed on THEN posing nude for playboy. She is pure filth and should not be placed on mag covers 4 young girls to look up to!


Oops, I meant to type please, not "plea." Seriously, may I go to the loo now? I havea load of loggage to deal with, though I realize this is a very grave topic at hand. Just today I was wondering, "Gee, i wonder if God hates Kim Kardashian"?


And now here is yet more incredibly exciting and relevant news: I have to poop. The turtle is poking its head out.I love you God!Pleae don't smite me for having to take a poop break while reading Your incredible words of wisdom!


Watch your mouths. Remember: Thou shalt not sasseth God. I'm a close personal friend of St. Peter's, and thereforeadmission through the pearly gates is a lot more difficult than getting into Studio 54 ever dreamed of being, you dirty sodomites!Those who seeketh to enter my exclusive Kingdom must show respect to Me and agree with my decision to smiteth the Kardashians and their worshippers. That means women like you, Sara. Straighten up a bit, young lady! I love you but you're working my nerves.Be happy with what I chooseth to have giveth thou.


Sara,it's God here. My lamb, you may in fact have that body courtesy of a little company you may have heard of called DuPont. Please tell me you don't plan to use this gift I am willing to bestow upon you courtesy of DuPont by whoring yourself all over the already-polluted and stinking planet that you and Kim occupy known as Earth. Enjoy your new fake everything, and behave lest I choose to smite you, too.


For the record, yes, Kim, I do hate you and your entire fame-whore family, and you re all here right at the top of my "smite list," you dumb useless, shagged-out, dirty whore.


oh btw....
@ who am i?
I LOVE IT! lol


it's amazing how they make her look perfect in the magazines,photoshop is a beautiful thing!! lol
btw,c'mon guys she is just an average lookin' girl,and her body is already flabby and lookin' like 45 yr old woman who had 4 kids,imagine what's gonna happen when she hits that age for real?! as a matter of fact, i see better looking and most likely natural women every day,this cheap whore got nothin' on 'em!


She reminds me of a cricket- cricket- cricket- cricket. Liar- liar- liar- liar...


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