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We have terrible news for teenage girls around the world: Justin Bieber does not like to be touched.

At least not if a recent story in The Daily Telegraph is the be believed.

According to that newspaper, Justin appeared on an Australian morning show recently. As he was being led to a section of the set, he whipped around and said to the station's floor manager: Don’t ever fucking touch me again.

Upon hearing this, David Koch (the host of the show), recounted Bieber's sound guy saying "don't take offense, mate, he tells us that all the time."

Seven employees allegedly backed up this story to the newspaper.

While Bieber didn't address the scandal directly, he did post the following Tweet this week:

family time with my mom couldnt come at a better time....i was raised to respect others and not gossip...nor answer gossip with anger.

i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess. but i all i have to say is...kill em with kindness.

Perhaps Justin should call up crush Kim Kardashian. She could teach him a lot about handling bad press, along with other things.

Bieber did perform on the morning show, following this reportedly brief fracas. Watch his cuteness in action below.

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Along with blaming cheating on past child abuse he suffered, Jesse James told Nightline that a divorce from Sandra Bullock may be inevitable, but he doesn't want to.

Might he still be working passive-aggressively to stop her?

According to celebrity gossip magazine, he's still fighting in hopes of a reconciliation - and has been putting his kids to work on his behalf! Calculated guilt trips = classy.

Knowing how close his will-be-ex became to Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6, during their nearly five-year marriage, he's been encouraging them all to "let Sandra know how much they miss her," the actress' friend shares.

Fooled By Lies

He even had them send homemade Mother's Day cards. Weak.

James "phoned Sandra and claimed Sunny was running a fever and asked if he should bring her to the doctor," says a friend who adds that it wasn't a one-time thing.

"Sunny tells her she misses her and misses Louis," as well. Talk about going all out to break Sandra's heart, or at the very least make her feel bad. Win-win, really.

According to her friend:

  • Jesse even used the children to get Sandra's support for the Nightline sit-down, saying if he can't save his reputation, it'd be hard to support the kids. 
  • He's been hawking old crap online in an attempt to show that he has serious money problems, supposedly, and possibly convince her to stay that way.
  • He faked the contrite tears on Nightline the other night.

For once, Michelle McGee might see eye-to-eye with Sandra.

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The Hills cast is becoming increasingly fed up with the way the show's producers are meddling with their lives to create drama. Now Kristin Cavallari is fighting back.

"After The Hills, I plan to work on many business opportunities, and I've always wanted to write a tell-all book," the show's resident bad girl/narrator tells In Touch.

Struttin' It

According to insiders, Kristin has already started writing the book, and as soon as her contract with the show is up - after the current, final season - she'll dish on it.

"She has wanted to tell the real story before, but she wasn't allowed."

What is the real story of The Hills, exactly? That producers manufacture drama and have writers create story lines? We already know that, girl. Save your energy.

If Kristin tells all ... do you care? [Photo:]

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Please don't shoot us Heidi Montag: but you won't be taking over for Megan Fox in Transformers 3.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is coming aboard the franchise, starting with this July 2011 release.

  • Utter Hotness
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the Runway

"She's accepted the offer, and I think they're just waiting for her to get her work visa since she's British," an insider close to the production tells E! News.

Huntington-Whiteley is a Victoria's Secret model with "absolutely zero acting experience," said a source. But she and director Michael Bay worked on a commercial together last year and hit it off.

"He likes her, and that's all that matters," the source added, saying Rosie beat out Brooklyn Decker for the role.

Huntington-Whiteley has rather big, beautiful, incredibly sexy shoes to fill now. Think she's capable of taking over for Fox?

Which of these beauties would you rather slip it to?


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Crystal Bowersox lost more than an American Idol crown this week.

She lost a boyfriend.

Appearing on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today, the runner-up to Lee DeWyze said she and boyfriend Tony Kusian broke up on Tuesday morning because "he wasn't cool with the lifestyle."

The split, which occurred mere hours before the final performance night, was 100% mutual, Crystal said:

“We’re both logical, grown adults. He’s a small town guy and it’s fine. I’m a small town girl but I want this. I want this more than anything - this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it.”

Crystal Picture

It doesn't sound like there are any hard feelings on Crystal's end at all: “He’s been amazing. He stuck it out through this whole thing.”

Ever the sage, Kara DioGuardi, who also appeared on the programed, chimed in and told Bowersox: "You have to do your music. It’s not a choice for you. It’s what makes you whole. If somebody can’t hang with that - I’m sure he’s a lovely guy but right now this is your dream.”

Who do you think should have won American Idol?


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Who knew 50 Cent was so dedicated to his craft?

No, not getting shot up again and again.


The artist is starring in a film he wrote, Things Fall Apart, and he went all Michael Ventrella for the role: thanks to a liquid diet and a trio of hour/day treadmill sessions, the rapper dropped from 214 to 160 pounds.

You aren't so tough now, are you, Fiddy?!? (Please don't hurt us.)

50 Pounds Lighter

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Heidi Montag really wants to star in the upcoming Transformers 3.

The events seen on this week's Lost finale will come true before that happens, but her lobbying for the role resulted in an excuse to post these pics, so we'll permit it.

Speaking of permits, hopefully she and Spencer Pratt have proper documentation for those guns. No, really, they are packing serious heat at the shooting range.

We'll think twice before dissing them next time (not really) ...

Assault Weapons Ban

EXHIBITS A & B: Of why our nation needs an assault weapons ban.

In an effort to land the movie role vacated by Megan Fox, the 23-year-old Hills star posted a 30-second video clip of her shooting skills on her Facebook page.

Heidi turns to the camera and says, “This is for you, Michael Bay,” before moving around a firing range hitting targets ... from just a few feet away. Amazing.

While you'd probably rather look at Megan Fox pictures than Heidi Montag pictures, the former hasn't brought along the paparazzi to the firing range lately.

That we know of, anyway. Anyway, click to enlarge these hilarious Speidi pics:

  • Busting a Cap
  • DD-47
  • Ready, Aim, Fire
  • Spencer Pratt with a Gun
  • Pratts Packing
  • Pratts Play with Guns


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Just because she has a SCRAM bracelet strapped to her ankle doesn't mean Lindsay Lohan intends to scram from bars. Hey, clubbing isn't a probation violation!

In what appears to be the worst decision ever, the train wreck threw herself back into the thick of temptation last night, bar hopping through Hollywood until 2.

Nice n' Plump

Lindsay Lohan was not seen with an alcoholic beverage, and it appears the SCRAM did not go off ... unless she found a clever way to defeat the ankle bracelet.

She's tampered with them in the past ... because she's had to wear an ankle monitor in the past, natch. Linds' night of non-partying kicked off at Bar Marmont.

Blondes totally have more fun ... ankle monitors and all!

Then she rolled over to Las Palmas, where she partied 'til the bar closed. It's like she's rubbing it in the face of celebrity gossip cameras dying to watch her eff up.

Remember, the judge has barred Lohan from any alcohol intake between now and July 6. If she violates the judge's orders, her $100,000 bail may be revoked ASAP.

Is she flirting with disaster by hitting the party scene? Or proving she can still have a good time without booze? Or just faded on Ambien without anyone knowing?

Who will win this epic battle?


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After a few days of contentious contract negotiations, Ashley Greene signed on for Breaking Dawn. Thank goodness!

This means the beautiful young actress will often be in the news and on various magazine covers going forward. Therefore, it's vital that she determines her best look, don't you think?

Rihanna in Vogue

(Editor's note: yes, we know Greene's best look is 100% naked, but those photos have been removed from the Internet, so let's move on to the second choice, okay?)

Below, we've pitted Ashley against herself. Study the photos closely and then sound off afterwards...

What is Greene's best look?


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Some people may have seen Jesse James' tearful interview on Nightline and been impressed at how he bared his soul, maybe even feeling a little sorry for him.

Michelle McGee is definitely not one of them.

"I do think things were avoided," his mistress told In Touch afterward. "Like details of our affair. He seemed to gloss over everything and it was very generic."

Poor thing is upset she didn't get a mention! Jesse admitted he "hurt" Sandra, but Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is upset that he didn't bring up her, as well.

"What about the other people he hurt along the way? I was just hoping for some acknowledgment of the pain and embarrassment he caused myself and others."

Look, lady. YOU outed the affair for MONEY. Then YOU continue to comment on every story and try to cash in at every turn. Who do you think you're fooling?

Michelle Bombshell Picture

Whatever Jesse James does, a Michelle McGee response is sure to follow.

On a slightly more legitimate note, McGee does take issue with some of James' proclamations, such as a statement that deep down, he wanted to get caught.

"No. He took every precaution NOT to get caught. I was only allowed to come up during after hours. We could never go get food - even at his own restaurant."

As for Jesse blaming his cheating on his father's abuse?

"I do believe something happened with his dad," Michelle said. "He talked about it one night. He said he hadn't talked to his Dad for years and he hated him."

However ... "I believe people could react that way as a result of abuse, but is this the reason for cheating with multiple women? I'm not sure I'm convinced."

Lastly, McGee is worried - for Sandra Bullock, and that she will fall for Jesse's tears:"I have my suspicions that they will be still together but not in public."

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