New Report: Kendra Wilkinson Tried to Peddle Own Sex Tape

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It's all starting to make sense now.

Kendra Wilkinson is covering the latest issue of OK! Weekly, and taking legal action against Vivid Entertainment, not because she's afraid of her sex tape getting released....

Two Hanks and a Kendra


Radar Online cites sources who say Kendra has known about the video for years. She reportedly tried to form a company 18 months ago to peddle it herself. That way, she could pocket the cash from its sale and even have final say over edits before it went live (my ass looks better from that angle, dammit!).

Moreover, Wilkinson was working on the sale of her videotaped bedroom romp - which took place in 2005 - even after she was engaged to Hank Baskett.

So, how did Vivid end up with a copy? Most likely, Kendra's efforts fell through. Therefore, she turned to the experts in the sex tape business to release Kendra Exposed, acting dismayed and outraged over this supposed violation of her privacy.

But we in the celebrity gossip world know better. We've been here with Paris Hilton and done that with Kim Kardashian.

The video will get released, Kendra will claim she's an innocent victim - and her bank account will mysteriously increase by six figures soon afterwards.


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What has become of the prehistoric days when a woman becomes a wife and mother,and not an over-achiever trying to hock tapes of her sexescapes.I wonder if Mrs.Mother-in-law have the warm,relationship with Kendra that she may have been priviledged to if Hank had married a woman who wanted to be loved and in love with Hank instead of him getting married to a publicity hound,who lives as a playmate,still offering so much for the men of the world to see.There is no such thing as,you will be the only person to ever see "your" sex tape.Kendra can not resist being on the cover of a rag-mag every single week,and if this is what Hank is all about in marriage,these two deserve each other.


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