New Orleans to Sandra Bullock: Awesome Job!

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The implosion of her marriage has saddened us all, but reports that Sandra Bullock's new baby Louis hails from New Orleans has thrilled the Louisiana city.


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    i never saw this movie of her, but I have seen quite a few and I love her.I would like to thank you for lnaeivg a comment on my site, I agree with you on the spamming, and I also ingnore them, but I must say, I do not get lots of them. I remember when I first visited your blog there was a msg saying that anyone is free to send you a msg and you might reply if you are in a good mood, or somthing to that effect. I liked that, so I thought I'd give it a try, and you responded. I felt mighty good about that. And I am honest when I say that I never knew anything about seo or pr at that stage.What mattered was the fact that I wanted to link coz I liked your site. Linking to you has however paid off, cos I have noticed quite a lot of visitors come to my site from yours. So, thanks for linking then :-) My site now has a pr of 4/10, so it has grown considerably since then.Have a super day and thanks again!Colin.


    Happiness really is the best revenge.


    Dear Sandra I Think you are a awesome women.and we all go though things in life its what we do with them you are a strong women.Don't ever forget that.its all about you sweetheart.and I know that you will raise your son to be a good man!because it's still some good men in the world but Hollwood and Hollwood don't go together.they don't respect each other.!GOOD LOCK!


    "Citizens" who marry people in show business must be prepared for trade-offs in return for the lavish lifestyle: (1) Spouse will be away from home a lot, (2) The photographers will always cut you out of the picture (I don't know why--we want to see who the star is with, we're curious about their date/spouse, but photogs always zero in on the "star" like nobody else counts), (3) They will have a lot of temptations on the set, (4) They--the females at least--will be skin and bones. If you are a male with a taste for a little flesh, you are definitely marrying the wrong person! Female stars are required to be skin and bones. And the older they get, the less attractive that is--a little "plumpness" is a more youthful look. But I digress. God Bless Sandra. I wish her the best with Louis and I wish her a continued relationship with Jesse and the children, for the sake of the children.


    All the best to Sandra and her Little Darling.

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