New Orleans to Sandra Bullock: Awesome Job!

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The implosion of her marriage has saddened us all, but reports that Sandra Bullock's new baby Louis hails from New Orleans has thrilled the Louisiana city.

"Personally, I'm thrilled for Sandra on the adoption of her child," says star Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who was just named Super Bowl MVP this February.

"Clearly she has embraced the city of New Orleans and appreciates what a wonderful and culturally rich city this is, and the fact that she has adopted a beautiful child with roots to our city makes it that much more special."

We couldn't agree more.

"It goes without saying that she is a talented actress, a humanitarian and philanthropist. We are all very happy for her and the new addition to her family."

SAINTS: Drew Brees thinks Sandra Bullock is one as well.

Bullock's love of the famed city is part of what makes her a resident, says New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin, who also sent best wishes to the star:

"Congratulations to Sandra Bullock and her new son. Since Hurricane Katrina, Americans have prayed for us, given time as volunteers in our community, and demanded that no other city ever go through what New Orleans experienced."

"Sandra Bullock has become one of us. We wish this new mother every success."

Local actor (Mad Men), designer and author Bryan Batt, who was on hand for the New Orleans premiere of The Blind Side, also praised Bullock.

"Besides being a brilliantly talented, lovely actress, she has the biggest, kindest heart and does so many great things for the city of New Orleans quietly and anonymously," says Batt. "I just wish her all the joy this new life can bring."

"I join the city of New Orleans in singing her praises."

Not that anyone was on team Jesse James, but you have to love the PR coup Sandra's publicist scored with this, announcing the adoption along with her filing for divorce, when she and James adopted Louis months ago.


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Happiness really is the best revenge.


Dear Sandra I Think you are a awesome women.and we all go though things in life its what we do with them you are a strong women.Don't ever forget that.its all about you sweetheart.and I know that you will raise your son to be a good man!because it's still some good men in the world but Hollwood and Hollwood don't go together.they don't respect each other.!GOOD LOCK!


"Citizens" who marry people in show business must be prepared for trade-offs in return for the lavish lifestyle: (1) Spouse will be away from home a lot, (2) The photographers will always cut you out of the picture (I don't know why--we want to see who the star is with, we're curious about their date/spouse, but photogs always zero in on the "star" like nobody else counts), (3) They will have a lot of temptations on the set, (4) They--the females at least--will be skin and bones. If you are a male with a taste for a little flesh, you are definitely marrying the wrong person! Female stars are required to be skin and bones. And the older they get, the less attractive that is--a little "plumpness" is a more youthful look. But I digress. God Bless Sandra. I wish her the best with Louis and I wish her a continued relationship with Jesse and the children, for the sake of the children.


All the best to Sandra and her Little Darling.