New Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Photos: RNSFW

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The first round of Kendra Wilkinson sex tape photos mostly depicted this reality star stripping for the camera. They were relatively harmless, merely R-rated.

But it's safe to say the latest batch, released this week, are RNSFW: Really Not Safe for Work (or Wife).

Deserving of a NC-17 rating, we understand why husband Hank Baskett might be upset over this video. Sorry, Kendra, but not even a second baby makes up for the fact that pictures of you doing The Reverse Cowgirl with another dude are now online for the world to see.

Consider yourself warned, readers, and ogle the pics below if you so desire.

Naked Riding
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Kendra's everyday existence depended on being photographed and being famous.She finally gets the chance to live on infamously.


Pips come on live the laid alone,its her life and she livs it the way she want no matter wht.She is a big gal and remember big gals dont cry i think she wont give a thing if justin dumps her.The important thing here is MONEY.come on is not a big deal


yucky ... fucking slut. why people make sex tapes?


Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee,Paris and Rick (Solomon)Kim K and Ray J. A sex tape does not make a relationship. You'd be just as well off with a room with mirrors on the walls and ceilings rather
than your passionate sexcapade being caught on camera for all to catch a sneak peak at what should end up being just the two of you. Being the stars of their own lovemaking sessions did absolutely nothing in securing a future with the above named participants.We all have the ability to be scandalous,but being a wife and new mother is not the time to begin to be ashamed of something that should have stayed private,and years later may become so publicly embarrassing to you and your husband.


who cares it was before she married and big deal it's her body if she wants to be nasty then let her.... damn


You can't make a "HO" a Housewife!! (Ice Cube)


She's a pig and she was the stupid one of the 3. An embarrassment for Heffner you'd think! I don't even think she's a high school graduate! The other two had degrees and at least knew how to spell opportunity! Put lip stick on a pig, it's still a pig! Hank has got to be thinking what WAS he thinking!! She's not the mommy type. She's toooo use to the attention that men have given her and she's not going to be able to give that up to be a wife and a mother and not want attention! Hank should cut her loose if he's smart! I see lots of heart ache for him!


I am quite sure that the in-laws just love the prize that Hank brought into the family.This just gives the in-laws another reason to remind the son that he should have waited before tying the knot so fast to a known plaything.Talk about too hot to trot!!


hahahahahahahahahahaha.......hahahahaha! Good gravy, The twat is as dumb as a bag of rocks. And to think i was bitching at Hank for being a big baby, after he knowingly married a plastic barbie doll, with a plastic chest, who blows geriatric men and then acting shocked that....GASPPPP! she has a sex tape! But DUUUUUUDE! this is just effin' messed up! Don't fall for it girls, when your man goes,' aww c'mon, it'll be just for us.


Anything for money...especially when you have no other "talent"