Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" Video: The Transformation is Complete

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She's worn hooker boots and danced on a stripper poll, all while starring as Hannah Montana and acting like an innocent Disney creation.

But Miley Cyrus has officially moved on to the next stage of her career. Just call her Britney Spears 2.0 now.

The much-hyped music video for Miley's "Can't Be Tamed" has been released online, and we understand why sources warned us awhile ago that it would "blow our minds."

As seen below, Cyrus dons a $25,000 corset. She's also surrounded by scantily-clad cage dancers, while dressed like a peacock and sitting in a giant nest. Seriously.

Said Miley about the racy video: "The video isn’t about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes. It’s about explaining the song and living the lyrics."

That's fine, except the lyrics include: Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention/Like I’m under inspection/ I always get the 10s/‘Cause I’m built like that. So don't try to pretend the video isn't about sex, Miles.

Check it out and then weigh in with your thoughts:

What's our take?

While THG has often been critical of Miley for sending a bad message to her young fan base, we're actually fine with this transformation. We simply take issue with artists that act provocatively one moment, and then play naive the next moment. Don't be a hypocrite.

In this case, Cyrus is clearly make a decision to reach a different audience. More power to her. Now parents know what sort of image she's sending out and can judge whether her music and movies are appropriate for their children accordingly.

What do YOU think? Miley's video is...


okay shes how old? brittany was the same age when she started hit me baby one more time. Miley cant be singing disney songs for the rest of her life? The video wasn't even bad. maybe just a little wierd.


She's a fag. I honestly think she's gone too far. She ain't herself anymore, she became a slut. She thinks she's an adult when she's just a simple KID! I wonder what her underaged fans think about this garbage. What the hell? She thinks she's the new Lady GaGa in Paparazzi with that outfit and those sensual moves wih those dancers or something? She can never get as far as GaGa cause GaGa is unique! But this little kid right here, is fake as hell. Btw, she may told the public she never had sex... But trust me, nobody is innocent at their 17 of age... Even though she says shes cristian and will not do it untill marriage. She just doesn't want to lose her fans... But I think she did it with Justin Gaston (her ex) and now she's doing it with Liam Hemsworth...


Deep fans were not prepared for this. It was like a back puñalda has only 17 expected a revealing view of the 25 acting as a prostitute but unfortunately we're going to do what she carried in her heart she already rebelling. Unfortunately I do not want to believe but so is the reality so cruel and heartbreaking. She was a normal girl behavior puts it this way I feel bad. maybe she knows what it will win her new fans, but lose many.


i think the song is good but its the next britney spears video she should done something better i think why people cvall her a slut because the way she wear her clothes in the videos.


What does Miley even know about sex? She has been in one serious relationship and now she's a sex goddess? Let's face it, the song and the video are sex driven to sell records. Why not? She's young and attractive. The record companies will exploit her as much as possible before she's not naive anymore (and that could be a while).


She looks like slut in this music video,she is 17 years old and she is not yet an adult.This is not music this is trash.


@Hollywood: Isn't a Christian anymore?!? Where on earth did we mention religion in this post?
@the truth: Read the lyrics. Then come back and tell us with a straight face this song isn't about sex.
And where do we sound so bitter, as you put it? Are you familiar with the phrase "More power to you," which we wrote to Miley above? We're fine with this video, as long as Miley embraces her mature side and doesn't try to pretend like it's not a major (yes, SEX-based) change for her.


Actualley The Bible isnt accurate , the QURAN says not to do no provocative things etc youre not allowed to do any of that thrash and God is Allah so thats why everything said in the Quran is said from Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) with the information sent from Allah. So your little bible teachings are wrong ! Miley Cyrus should NOT be the new Britney ! She should just be herself and be cool about it okay ?!


the video is sexy but the song isn't about sex do you have a brain? it's about how you won't change yourself for a boy and being confident and sexy to yourself the video is amazing but tame and you sound really bitter. the song is a summer smash, get out of denial.


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