Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" Video: The Transformation is Complete

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She's worn hooker boots and danced on a stripper poll, all while starring as Hannah Montana and acting like an innocent Disney creation.

But Miley Cyrus has officially moved on to the next stage of her career. Just call her Britney Spears 2.0 now.

The much-hyped music video for Miley's "Can't Be Tamed" has been released online, and we understand why sources warned us awhile ago that it would "blow our minds."

As seen below, Cyrus dons a $25,000 corset. She's also surrounded by scantily-clad cage dancers, while dressed like a peacock and sitting in a giant nest. Seriously.

Said Miley about the racy video: "The video isn’t about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes. It’s about explaining the song and living the lyrics."

That's fine, except the lyrics include: Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention/Like I’m under inspection/ I always get the 10s/‘Cause I’m built like that. So don't try to pretend the video isn't about sex, Miles.

Check it out and then weigh in with your thoughts:

What's our take?

While THG has often been critical of Miley for sending a bad message to her young fan base, we're actually fine with this transformation. We simply take issue with artists that act provocatively one moment, and then play naive the next moment. Don't be a hypocrite.

In this case, Cyrus is clearly make a decision to reach a different audience. More power to her. Now parents know what sort of image she's sending out and can judge whether her music and movies are appropriate for their children accordingly.

What do YOU think? Miley's video is...


ok,i can get why parents would be up-set cause they dont wont there little girl to be whatching there role model look like a stripper,but i can also understand where miley is coming from she may be defending herself in the wrong way but i can understand her wanting to shed the "im not a little girl" figure..


Miley.. quit calling yourself a "Christian." you a hoeee.


they look good but only their dressing is my problem. if u want to sing stop exposeing ur self to the world because that's what the lord expect from us.


am a fan of miley cyrus i support her and , all fan should be the same


miley make a sex tape. you will look good.


WE HAVE GONE WRONG!! We have some how taught our little girls that when they become young then becomes acceptable to lose your clothes and your self respect! People act like your a strong.."know what you want" kind of woman when you throw your sexuality out there for everyone to see. They think that woman who keep some dignity and keep clothes on are weak and in a cage (as in the video) and that we are living for the spectatures(like in the video). FUNNY THING IS.....THE GIRLS WHO CHOOSE THE PATH OF SKANK AND LOOSE...THOSE ARE REALLY GIVING THE SPECTATURES WHAT THEY WANT. AND THEY ARE THE WEAK ONES......SILLY LITTLE GIRLS..rubbing and kissing up on other girls just to turn the guys on...YOU ARE WEAK....Silly little girls putting silacone in your breast...YOU ARE WEAK!


well,your totally right it blew my mind i am a miley fan and that music video was a little like lady gaga's right and she said she likes lady gaga right well i think she was inspired a little too much and has michael jackson moves in there but i love michael jackson rip. but that music video gave me the shivvers im going to have nightmares and my dad said she cant dance worth a shit lol :D


what a ho. i mean first shes hannah montana then shes a devil. incase u didn't hear miley said "that dosen't mean i want to send u to hell" but yeah she hates evry one, she dosen't say very good speeches when she wins an award, she totaly fake cryed at the nickelondeon kids chose award 09 to seem like she cares,


First of all, that damn photo looks like an America's Next Top Model photoshoot gone wrong. Second, um, why is it not a surprise that this fast little girl just made a sexy video fit for the eyes of pedophiles and child molesters? This girl was a little skank in the making. Disney got y'all fool. The parents are misled hillbillies, the daddy is a pimp for his girls and her little sister is coming out with a lingerie line for little girls. This is just the outcome of poor parenting. Yes.


She won't do well without Disney's protection. It's good to be creative, and she still has potential, but she still has young fans that haven't gotten over Hannah Montana. It's too early for her to do stuff like this. Plus, the lyrics make her sound conceited. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera pulls it off better. Miley is talented, but she needs to get some sense knocked into her before she does something she'd really regret.


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