Miley Cyrus Can't Let Nick Jonas Go

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Let's hope Liam Hemsworth did not attend his girlfriend's concert in Portugal on Saturday night. He would not have been pleased to hear the song "Full Circle."

Prior to performing this single for fans in Lisbon, Miley told the crowd:

“It’s about two people. They’re always gonna come back together no matter what anyone says or the bad people that try to keep you apart. Surprise surprise, it’s about a Jonas brother."

Ouch. Sorry, Liam. Nick and Miley have a romantic history together, one whose future got a bit brighter after the former broke up with Selena Gomez in April.

The chorus of "Full Circle" reads: "I try to run, but I keep on coming back full circle and I can’t jump the track, can’t let you go.”

That's a pretty clear message to Nick, isn't it? It's also incredibly profound, as Miley likes to tell everyone her music is, more than any other pop star in the business.


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liam hemsworth miley cyrus is not over nick jonas you need to let her go back to nick jonas love mom and dad


liam miley cyrus is not over nick jonas she still loves him very much love mom and dad


i think that miley should kep on dating nick jonas because he's an amazing boyyy!! and maybe the fans are right that miley should pic 1 boyyyyy


i think she a slut horro who gives guy 3 time her age lap dances and pole danes


her and liam broke up so she may still be in love with nick


SHE NEEDS TO STAY WITH 1 boy pick 1 and keep himn if i was liam i breek up with her shes sitting sayin stuff about her dating justin beiber and now saying she still likes a jonas brother.........and talk about her future relation ships i dont think shes gonna have a boy friend anythime soon after this if she doent qiut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she needs to get over him!




If that's what it's truly about,all I can say is: "You gotta follow your heart. Only when your soul is filled with the one who truly makes your heart smile,will you be truly complete,and truly fulfilled. And she can't go by what everyone else wants or thinks---it has to be her choice,cause---it's Her Heart." Honestly,though,I think @Jessica,and @Marj here,both have a couple of good theories: @Jess' says;"At this point,she(Miley)just wants Freedom."(I think that's very possible)and @ Marj;"It's just to create news,ok?" (very possible also. I expect it's caused much controversy over the song after the concert,and yes---you guessed it---controversy sells CD's as well as nudity and provocativity. marketing 101.)...And in the end,all of this could be wrong,and it could be a completely different reason she has announced this and made this song...Only the Supergirl knows for sure...Whether she'll let everyone in on the truth---who knows? Stay tuned and find out...Later;Hollywood...


Miley does not listen to pop music but she loves Britney and Lady Gaga ummmm Miley??? hello pop music i like her new song Can't be tamed but her look in the video is so wrong for her baby face.


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