Michael Jackson Bodyguards: Jason Pfeiffer Lies!

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Was Michael Jackson gay?

That's the question of the hour surrounding the late music icon after Jason Pfeiffer came forward last week, alleging he was dating MJ up until his June '09 death.

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He used to be an office manager for Jackson's good friend Dr. Arnold Klein, who backed up his account of the affair, as well as the fact that MJ was gay in general.

Both are now on the run from insane fans.

The revelation that Michael was gay, if were true, would be surprising, but not that surprising, given that ... well, what about him surprises anyone anymore?

Just the same, a trio of former bodyguards - Bill Whitfield,  Javon Beard and Mike Garcia - are shopping a book, In Defense of the King, to help clear his name.

Is Jason Pfeiffer telling the truth about MJ?

The book details their three years working with the King of Pop, and the men, who were interviewed by ABC in March, will sit down for another chat with ABC in June.

Then, they will expound on Jackson's financial troubles and try to kill rumors that the singer was gay (Joe Jackson, his father, has also gone on record denying this).

Publicist Lelani Clark confirms the bodyguards say Jackson had two girlfriends toward the end of his life. One was called "Friend" and spoke with a European accent.

You buying it? Not us ... at least until "Friend' goes on Extra.

Not that it matters, but Michael Jackson was totally ...


They just can't leave it alone can they, If Michael was gay or he had mass orgies in his bedroom nightly,so what, people seem to get great satisfaction in rubbishing this beautiful guy. They just can't seem to leave the poor guy alone to rest in peace. Go the body guards for speaking out, but it won't make any difference now that he is gone, he is not here to see it now, this should have all been done when he needed it the most, back in 1993 and 2005. They heart break this guy delt with due to lies and greed hurts me a great deal I'm afraid. Love you always MJ


I'm glad the bodyguards are speaking up. It is my belief that MJ was straight although I wouldn't really care if it turned out that he was gay. Some people might choose to believe Jason and Klein but I choose to believe the bodyguards. They spoke with more emotion and sincerety in their interview than either Jason and Klein.


Thank you Bill, Javon and Mike for standing up for Michael Jackson! It's time to get out positive information, after Michael has been haunted by the media and other leeches that slandered his name.


WOLF here, & boy does this sound too much like a MONEY MAKING plan for sure! WOLF watched TV when MICHAEL died, and they had a funeral for him, NO WHERE did I HEAR or SEE of this Jason guy trying to get access to EITHER funeral, where was the MEDIA sharks on that story?? makes me believe the dud just wants attention & money. SICK if thats what this is all about!


c'mon..MJ's dead..atleast give him respect..geez people..have we lost our morality..?


We love you our hero,our king forever.You will always be symbol of peace and love.


All I know is that IF MJ was indeed gay...he sure wouldn't have been getting poked by the Pillsbury Dough Boy! Give the brother SOME credit, will you? Either way, this sucks big. If it's false, they should be jailed, and if it's true and they're talking about it, he and his fat friend should be beaten. MJ was so stupid, surrounding himself with all these vultures.


Everyone listen, think think and think!!
How much Money did this guy get to tell this story?
The media want to have News..and they are lying on by one.
But they pay allot to bring Michael down again.
Suppose one of us say that,and we give the gossip
a story so they can show the whole internet?
Lets say I will lie for 300.000 dollar???
Well they print and write and pay me for as long
as they need me.. but you see I will not spread lies!! The true is those people like Jason Pfeiffer
is a rich man now;) but he is a big fat lier!!


Michael spoke through his music. It is that simple. If you want to know about his sexual orientation just listen to anything he wrote. Google the lyrics to songs on the History Album, Blood on the Dance floor, Dangerous, Invincible. The man was an incredible lyricist and it's all right there......His music was his legacy-ignore all the opinions and listen for yourself. His innermost thoughts are all right there...


I’VE JUST READ. “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson the King of Pop� by Leonard Rowe; Jackson’s long time financial advisor and friend.. This is the book where all of the secrets are told. I now know who killed Michael and why. I hope they all go straight to jail. Them and the ones responsible for Peter Lopez’s deathwhich was not a murder. Michael wasn’t Gay its just all a media blitz to take attention of or this book.


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