Michael Jackson Bodyguards: Jason Pfeiffer Lies!

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Was Michael Jackson gay?

That's the question of the hour surrounding the late music icon after Jason Pfeiffer came forward last week, alleging he was dating MJ up until his June '09 death.

Michael Jackson Trial Pic

He used to be an office manager for Jackson's good friend Dr. Arnold Klein, who backed up his account of the affair, as well as the fact that MJ was gay in general.

Both are now on the run from insane fans.

The revelation that Michael was gay, if were true, would be surprising, but not that surprising, given that ... well, what about him surprises anyone anymore?

Just the same, a trio of former bodyguards - Bill Whitfield,  Javon Beard and Mike Garcia - are shopping a book, In Defense of the King, to help clear his name.

Is Jason Pfeiffer telling the truth about MJ?

The book details their three years working with the King of Pop, and the men, who were interviewed by ABC in March, will sit down for another chat with ABC in June.

Then, they will expound on Jackson's financial troubles and try to kill rumors that the singer was gay (Joe Jackson, his father, has also gone on record denying this).

Publicist Lelani Clark confirms the bodyguards say Jackson had two girlfriends toward the end of his life. One was called "Friend" and spoke with a European accent.

You buying it? Not us ... at least until "Friend' goes on Extra.

Not that it matters, but Michael Jackson was totally ...


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I wouldn't be surprised if Jason was Michael's lover.For years there were rumors of Michael and Miko Brando.Some people even believe that Miko might have fathered one of Michael's children.


upeople who wrote this r completely stupid u believe 2 guys who claim michael was gay but u dont believe people who knew him better his father elizabeth taylor and his former bodygaurds who worked for him for 2 years? Pathetic, michael denied being gay his whole life why should i believe this fat shit just because he is making a claim? I dont believe its true as we didnt hear him say anything while michael was alive but no that he is dead and unable to defend himself these people come forawrd. Just like the women who claimed to be michael wife and wanting money. This gay guy and dr clein probably got money to say these things just like everyone else who got paid to say he molested kids and whatever else but under oath admitted they were lying




So what if he was gay. It just puts him in the same category as Shakespeare, MichelAngelo and Burt Lancaster.


I don't know if Michael was gay. But what pisses me off is how some no name person can pop up out of the blue and make claims against someone when they can't respond to the claims made against them. Michael can not answer this guy claim. And saying that Dr. Klien confirms what Jason says, doesn't mean a thing to me, because I trust Klien as far as I can throw him. He is in the same league as Conrad Murray as far as I am concern. They belong in jail for their hand in killing Michael.


What does MJ say about Jason claims? Nothing! He can't. I always thought Dr. Klien was a lying bastard who just used MJ. I'm sorry but I think MJ could have done better than Jason. I am not buying it.


bullshit lies michael was not gay all this fat asshole are doing is trying to spread roumors i know michael had girlfriends so Jason Pfeiffer why you shut the fuck up fat cunt


By the way Hollywood Gossip who gives a $%^&*%^&* what you think? You tabloids are the frigging pits. You keep making baseless assumptions and keep fanning the flames for the MJ haters with your nonsense. What Michael was or was not is none of your damn business. Go try advertising cheese or some s%^&te if you cant find anything else to report on. You, like EXTRA, TMZ and the other sleazy tabloids make my a#s sick. STOP this nonsense you are doing to MJ. STOP IT it is almost a year. Come on get a frigging life and whilst you are at it a decent and honest job. We dont really care about you.


By he way Hollywood Gossip who care a $%^&*%^&* what you think. You tabloids are the frigging pits. You keep making baseless assumptions and fanning the flames for the MJ haters with you nonsense. What Michael was or was not is non of your damn business. Go try advertising cheese or some s%^&te if you cant find anything else to report on. You like EXTRA, TMZ and the other sleazy tabloids make my a#s sick


Michael, wherever you are,, i am sorry this gossip still continues,as in the past i only believed if it came from your mouth,so to me this is another lie.Love U FOREVER.