Matt Lauer Affair Alleged; Annette Roque to Divorce Today Show Hunk?

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Sources claim that Today host and NBC resident sexy beast Matt Lauer's affair has led to the imminent demise of his 11-year marriage to model Annette Roque.

The National Enquirer does not name the alleged Matt Lauer mistress, but says his marriage is ending and that he is in the market for his own NYC apartment.

"I heard he and Annette are breaking up. I was not shocked to hear that but it's very sad," Lauer's ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh tells the celebrity gossip magazine.

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer did file for divorce back in 2006 but later reconciled and have three young children together - Jack, 8, and Romy, 6 and Thijs, 2.


We'd love to discredit the National Enquirer here, but it's actually more reliable than people give it credit for - at least when it comes to big bombshell scandals.

Bristol Palin's pregnancy, Michael Jackson's health woes, Tiger Woods' affair with Rachel Uchitel and most significantly the Rielle Hunter scandal come to mind.

We would not be surprised if its Matt Lauer affair story were true, but we're holding off judgment for now. What do you think? Did the hunk cheat on Annette?

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Hey Matty how does if feel now that you have cheated on your wife and get caught. I'm going to tell you how stupid you are, you have a beautiful wife three beauitful kids and you feel you can use the Tiger Woods theroy that you live by a different standard well you don't. You must of thought you wouldn't get caught everyone know your ugly mug and you got caught. Oh I forgot the liberal press dosen't dig into it's own to find out more dirt Matty your on big POS. There's an old saying " People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"


Matt Lauer a sexy beast, not in this lifetime. It seems like marriage today is becoming obsolete. I guess couples do not realize you cannot be happy totally every minute in a relationship. When they finally realize this maybe some will actually decide to stay together.


ENOUGH already - if/when Matt and/or Alice make an annoucement on the subject, and if they state the the rumors are true, then rant and judge all you want, as Matt is a public figure, who will have misled the public. Until then or even if ever such an annoucement is ever made or rumors proven true, accept Matt at his word and demonstrate some restraint and respect.


First of all Matt is not what I would consider to be a "hunk" but he an attractive man who seems to care about others, and has talked caringly about his wife and family. I hope that both he and his wife are being honest about their denials of the alledged affair(s), and that for the sake of their children and/or career that they won't come out weeks from now and it all be true. It is their business and its unfortunate that most have already found Matt guilty, let him speak to the truth.


If they're already separated, why badmouth him or her? It's really the children I worry about. I had four when I divorced and I was filled with guilt for a long time. Divorce always takes its toll on the children. It's unfortunate.


I agree,jessica
There is no where that says you should be happy in a marriage.
Everyone wishes happiness for couples but do not guarantee it.
cheaters only cause unhappiness while they believe some one else will make them happy.
Pretty self -centered and very immature. They cannot care how their children feel .


This is sad's never good to have a cheating spouse...but to have that affair blasted all over the internet, papers and mags, it's got to make it so much worse. @Sally, and your comment "good jewish hardworking boy"...he's older than dirt and not a boy, and there's NOTHING good about him cheating.


If people are so unhappy then why don't they file or seperate before bedding down with someone else while LEGALLY married. Seems as the Today show has a lot of cheaters as of late. I like Matt but have the guts to move on, don't cheat, you score no points with me. Oh and are on the hollywood GOSSIP, are there really any impt issues here? What do you want HG to discuss, global warming?


Matt Lauer seems to have been unhappy for a long time until recently. No man or woman should stay in a marriage when they are not happy. Marriage does not have to be forever. I am glad he found happiness and is moving on with his life. I wish he and his ex-wife to be the best. He is a good Jewish hardworking boy and I love him.


Who CARES? Why not leave these people alone and lets focus on more important issues?