Matt Lauer Affair Alleged; Annette Roque to Divorce Today Show Hunk?

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Sources claim that Today host and NBC resident sexy beast Matt Lauer's affair has led to the imminent demise of his 11-year marriage to model Annette Roque.

The National Enquirer does not name the alleged Matt Lauer mistress, but says his marriage is ending and that he is in the market for his own NYC apartment.

"I heard he and Annette are breaking up. I was not shocked to hear that but it's very sad," Lauer's ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh tells the celebrity gossip magazine.

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer did file for divorce back in 2006 but later reconciled and have three young children together - Jack, 8, and Romy, 6 and Thijs, 2.


We'd love to discredit the National Enquirer here, but it's actually more reliable than people give it credit for - at least when it comes to big bombshell scandals.

Bristol Palin's pregnancy, Michael Jackson's health woes, Tiger Woods' affair with Rachel Uchitel and most significantly the Rielle Hunter scandal come to mind.

We would not be surprised if its Matt Lauer affair story were true, but we're holding off judgment for now. What do you think? Did the hunk cheat on Annette?

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Ann Curry was the 'best' - why is it that the nice people get treated with disrespect - I NO LONGER WATCH NBC - I AM NOW WATCH ABC


I have always been a Today show watcher and even more so since matt came on... hes a desent guy and if rumors are true who are we to judge? people are human things happen for reasons.. we dont know what goes on other peoples lives! so why judge god is the only one who is the true leave him alone people! like you all have never done wrong. give me a break...hes a great news guy and probably a great dad and husband? who knows? you all dont so stop the hate....luv ya matt big fan...


So Matt is a lying cheat. Maybe what's wrong with the Today Show is him and not all the women. Rumors have been going on for years. We say rumors because he can't tell the truth. Not surprised anymore by the way he treats his co anchor's because he can't even be a decent man for his wife. He is egotistical, insensitive and not all that. I am so upset with Ann leaving I rarely watch anymore.


Matt thinks too much of himself & it shows, he's a pompous ass. Hope his wife gets half his fortune
sorry for the kids


I hope that judgmental jerk gets what is coming his way, and a lot of it.


Poor Matt, a shame for all to see..she is a fool to stay with him..he thinks he's bigger and better than the rest of us..but this shows he is not, in fact, he is so into pleasing himself it's gross..Meredith and Anne must be mortified to have to continue working with him!And "sexy beast"..far from it..more like Ichabod Crane..skinny and bald..UGHHH...


there is so much cheating going on I wouldn't doubt it if it is true
apparently love and fidelity mean nothing to people anymore even when they are married
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


Matt Lauer is a Newscaster,not a Newsmaker. All is okay with Matt,
Annette and their family.TNE has run out of Brangelina, and TomKat
stories that do not ring true,so now they are "using" Matt and his family to come up with a fresh story for the weekly rag-mag.


I heard rumors long before this.


i've heard that matt has maintained a nyc apt since he has been married and has repeaatedly cheated on his wife, so the story was in 2006