Lost Series Finale: What Did You Think?

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In 2004, Lost introduced itself to the world with the open eye of Jack Shepard.


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    "In between, fans were treated to an iconic TV series that was discussed online (and in offices, chat rooms, bars...) more than any in history."

    It was? I only know one person who watched it and I never heard her talk about it once.


    I never got into it even from the first season, although I did keep watching, mostly because it was different. I never really expected them to answer all the questions, anyway, and had already figured out how the writers would end it. It was the only possible conclusion. It was good television, and was always entertaining. It was one of those shows, that I could take or leave it. The reason I did keep watching it was because it didn't have the set mold that all tv shows have. By the way, would someone please tell the writers of House to stop with House finding the answer in a conversation with Cuddy or Wilson, then looking like a deer caught in headlights, that is getting old.


    @ BeeJay

    That was revealed a long time ago. They were held by the Dharma Initiative in the cages the Others later held Sawyer and Kate.


    So what the hell was up with the polar bears?


    More Pam finding Bobby in the shower than seeing how every major character ends up dying.


    Sad END.


    "The different parts of the action must be so related to each other that if any part is changed or taken away the whole will be altered and disturbed. For anything whose presence or absence makes no discernible difference is no essential part of the whole."

    - Aristotle

    Turns out the 6 years of storyline were inessential to the story arc - 1 man's spirit working through its own fear of death.

    It could have been 2 seasons or 20 - the story was utterly arbitrary to what was revealed at the end.


    Hurley, being Hurley, (now the Islands' caretaker) obviously went back and undid everything Jacob did, i.e. the plane never crashed, Sawyer never grew up bitter and twisted etc. But he still needed everyone to remember what had happened to them.


    I though it was... an easy ending, not complicated.. I loved it!

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