Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne in Bar Fight?

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Did Lindsay Lohan get into a fight with Avril Lavigne in Hollywood?

The New York Post claims the singer yelled at the alleged actress: "Get the hell out of my face, you are fake, you are a loser" at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.

"I don't like false people. Stay away from me and my friends."

We can see that. According to the paper, Lindsay Lohan fumed back, "Don't threaten me!" before trying unsuccessfully to get security to kick Lavigne out.

Lohan denies it, though, telling Us Weekly, "That is not true."

Did Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne almost duke it out?

The star says she doesn't understand why she's the subject of gossip. "I don't know why I am a target ... I think there's a big misconception of who I am."

NOTE: It might help if you didn't stay out until 6 a.m., falling into cacti, being carted out of clubs, posing with guns and the like. Just an idea, you moron.

Or, even more topically, if you didn't throw drinks at Samantha Ronson, who called her "an angry human being" afterward and told her to lay off the crack.

Right, she's a "target" and being a bar fight is sooo unrealistic.

Who do you think would win in a bar fight?


Avril is a F***ing poser... Lindsay is not... AND LINDSAY LOHAN ROCKS!


I am 1240% that Avril lavigne will kick some redheaded ass any time and any were and place.


I im 1240% that avril lavingne will kick some redheaded ass any time any day and any every were.


i'd love to see lindsey get into a fight with anybody including sam ronson. gnashing and talking through her teeth while losing her red headed would be a sight to see that i wouldn't want to miss for the world!


Haha seriously? Avril all the Way, lilo would be to cracked up on drugs to even see straight. she prolly started crying when they didn't kick avie out. LOL lindsey needs to stay out of the bars more. Avril would beat the hell outa that hairyass firecrotch bitch! i really wish there was a video


Wow you guys are dumb, Lindsay Lohan is a druggie and has no life, and Avril IS the best punk rock girl out there..what does Lyndsay have going for her nothing! besides Jail and rehab! haha & I'm pretty sure Avril has her own clothing line and makes good music, so ya im 100% positive Lindsay would get the s*it beat out of her! Love ya Avril! =]


i remember avril got mad at hillary fighting with her when she told her fansgo to hell when they asked her how she likes her fans dress like her like the talb is turning on her i think liz needs to get help and for as avril she needs to stop fighting with everyone i still can't beleive se'll dating brody he's not a skater i think she trying to be a pop star wanna be.


Who's Avril Lavigne calling fake??? She's the biggest poser on the planet! Punk rock girl? Yeah right, she would be booed off stage at a real punk rock show. Lyndsay may be hated but I would pick an American redhead to kick a blonde Canadian's ass any day of the week.

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