Lawrence Taylor Arrested For Rape; Cops Say Alleged Victim is 16, Pimp Was Involved

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NFL legend Lawrence Taylor is no stranger to legal problems, but this is far worse than his usual alcohol or drug woes. He's been arrested on suspicion of rape.

Shattering Joe Theisman's leg may no longer be the most gruesome thing he's done.

Officials released a statement confirming that the 51-year-old football great was taken into custody by police after someone accused him of the despicable act.

It supposedly went down early this morning at a Holiday Inn in Suffern, N.Y.

The Town of Ramapo (N.J.) Police Department is currently investigating the situation, with a news conference scheduled to take place in the next few hours.

Lawrence Taylor, who won two Super Bowl rings in a 13-season Hall of Fame career with the New York Giants, recently performed a stint on Dancing with the Stars.

The original LT has a lengthy history with the law - he's been arrested multiple times on drug charges, and back in November, he was arrested for hit-and-run.

More details to follow as the story develops ...

UPDATE: The supposed victim is just 16, according to ESPN.

Ramapo police supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence told the Westchester (N.Y.) Journal News that the victim is a runaway from the Bronx who was assaulted.

"She was a runaway since March and there was a pimp involved," St. Lawrence told the newspaper. "She got punched in the face. We're not sure who did it."


just put him to jail, nothing more.


I think the pimp needs to be charged also, he is in an illegale trade, (and a sixteen year old, damn). I hope this young girl is given guidence. Children do not usually run away from home for no good reasons. God help her to tell the truth about the whole situation and give her strength to start her life over.


isn't he married?
maybe if he honored his wedding vows he wouldn't be in this position
a cheater never prospers
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This man Lawrence Taylor needs to go jail for what he did to that poor child.She's only 16 years old.The wife made me laugh...she was defending the''Cheating husband''.


I just hope the 300.00 was worth it. These men will never learn and to face years in prison just for a sex romp is ridiculous. I pray this did not happen but it does not look good for him. I hope he just gave her the 300 but why was in in thhis position anyway?


must a 51 year old man go for a girl that looks 14, 15 or 16 and says she is 19? many girls have sex with them and later sell the news to the midia to make money? and wat´s up with the beating stuff? did he really beat a woman? stupid role models. men should try and go for adult to be sure they are not having sex with an underaged girl or boy




no way is that true


Its another case of wrong place wrong time.Taylor,on the other hand,should have known better to even be around this kinda stuff.People are just looking for a way for easy money.


Hm, funny how this happened just a few days after a show about drug addiction featuring Taylor aired. And, surely it's just a coincidence that the prostitute was beaten and taken to the cops by her PIMP. Gee, I think maybe the PIMP beat her and they're shaking Taylor me crazy.....

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