Lawrence Taylor Accuser Showed Signs of Attack; Football Great Proclaims Innocence

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Lawrence Taylor is proclaiming innocence against an allegation that he raped an underage girl this morning, saying his accuser is trying to set him up.

His lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz, says Taylor, who was arrested for rape and is behind bars in the Town of Ramapo, N.J., is adamant that he's not guilty.

LT's wife, Lynette Taylor, says the allegations are "all bullsh!t."

She suspects a setup, claiming the timing is beyond suspicious - just days after LT was featured on an A&E's documentary series Fame and Recovery.

Lynette Taylor believes A&E "made him out to be a monster" and did not say who she thought could be behind such a plot, but she's sticking by him.

Meanwhile, investigators recovered a condom from the Holiday Inn hotel room where Lawrence Taylor's accuser says he raped her early this morning.

Lawrence Taylor allegedly paid $300 for sex with the girl.

Town of Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence also said that investigators found LT asleep inside the room when they first arrived to the hotel.

Cops recovered a condom as well as other physical evidence when they took Taylor into custody - but found NO DRUGS or paraphernalia at the scene.

Police say the accuser is only 16 years old, that she was reported as a "runaway" from the Bronx back in March, and was under the control of a pimp.

That gentleman was arrested by the NYPD when he, along with the unnamed Lawrence Taylor accuser and a third person, returned to the city today.

Cops say the accuser had a "nasty" black eye that looked to be "fresh," though it's unclear who attacked her or if it's connected with the LT incident.

In addition to charges filed against LT, the pimp was arrested on charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault and endangering the welfare of a minor.

More details to follow as the story develops ...


it was a setup he is innoccent
im praying for him love his earring


I believe im my humble oppion L.t might of had sex with the girl but didnt beat nor rape her i believe the marks were caused by the pimp to fabricate the whole thing to make money off mr Taylor this is what happens when you put yourself in situations as such how did the girl come in contact with mr taylor and the room and why? just some harmless sex not so harmless when you now deal with a pimp and a abused and beatened and controled girl good luck mr taylor youll need it Pirate24


LOL, samm, sorry, I was referring to a comment on the previous LT article, by Mac. Epic fail on my part. Your ACTUAL comment I could not agree with more, regardless of the LT case. The Robert Pattinson pics? No comment there. :)


Im confused at what point in my statement did i infer that i felt it was a shakedown? I was simply pointing out that things like this are sad and this happened more than people know when young girls most of the time runaways are kidnapped and forced into prostitution, and was hopeful that since this will be highly publicized it will be brought to people attention that this is a problem. I have not heard enough facts of the case to judge whether or not this is a "shakedown" or in fact truth, but i would probably gather my information from the New York Times, not hollywood gossip for facts of that nature. To be honest come here mostly to stare at Robert Pattinson pics :)


samm* you have a point, it could very well be a shakedown. however this is a highly disturbed individual. his past may not indicate a pattern like this, but it's far from squeaky clean.


This so sad this happens to young girls all the time I have watched reports about how they are taken by pimps, hopefully this case with shed some light on the fact that these girls are pretty much being kidnapped and forced to have sex at such a young age and its a real problem that people don't take seriously enough.