Larry Birkhead Admits: I'm Greedy!

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Let's give Larry Birkhead credit for honesty.


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    What really upsets me is that Anna dumped Larry and wanted nothing to do with him and just because they conceived a child together, he feels he has the right to own everything she had and profit from it. Howard on the other hand NEVER posed with Danny Lynn for money once while he had custody of her and I do not believe he financially benefited from Anna at all. He gave her free legal work and big deal, he lived with her, nothing more. Clearly Larry exploits Danny Lynn and anything for a buck and what is sad is Anna would NEVER have wanted him to have her. Anyone can father a child, that does not make them a father.


    So, does this mean that he won't be selling Dannielynn's pictures to the media anymore? If so, good, go ahead with the auction- it has the potential to restore normality (ok, who am i kidding- there really is only a slim chance of normal for this girl)to her life, then i think it's great. Although, your "get a job" suggestion is quality!


    Greedy...that's for certain. The former judge in the Anna Nicole case, Larry Seidin, has written a book about everything he learned during the case, called "The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith". I'm certain it will have a lot to say about dear Larry Birkhead and his greedy ways. Poor Dannielynn.


    Larry and Howard are in it together and they planned on one of them getting Anna pregnant to have an heir to the old man's fortune, an heir that was easier to "handle" than Anna. How did the old man's son die?


    How can he be selling estate items? Is probate done in the Bahamas?


    Birkhead is a free-loader who exploits a motherless child. Dannielyn's pictures are all over tabloids (People, OK, ...) just Google Dannielynn photos.


    Larry Birkhead is a greedy, sleazy loser who impregnated middle aged drug addict Anna Nicole in order to become rich and famous. He wanted to become a movie star and had a several plastic operations on his face (nose, cheeks). His own mother can't recognize him. Before DNA result was revealed he said he wanted to have a quiet life in Kentucky. He lives in Anna's house in Hollywood and Dannielynn is his only source of income. Birkhead exploits Anna's tragic life and a little child in order to have a lavish lifestile. Very sick!

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