Lady Gaga to Fox: You Suck!

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When it comes to her reaction to Fox's broadcast of her American Idol performance Wednesday, Lady Gaga isn't bothering putting on the p-p-p-p-p-poker face.

She's just straight up annoyed.

The scene-stealing diva lashed out at Fox via Twitter, accusing the network of some shoddy editing work when it came to her much-heralded American Idol visit.

"FOX POORLY+AMATEURLY edited+cut my performance/musical arrangement on idol. Watch real version," she wrote, prompting fans to go elsewhere for it.

Do not edit the Gaga.

The complete, more than six-minute version of Gaga doing "Alejandro," which was cut down to under five by American Idol, can be seen here, thanks to Perez.

On one hand, five whole minutes of a pretaped performance left intact is still a lengthy segment for live TV. On the other hand, the results show is all filler.

Why have Gaga and her non-amputated leg on if you're not going to air it in its full, awesome entirety? What pulse-pounding drama couldn't be cut instead?

Click to enlarge some vintage Lady Gaga pictures below and see why you just do not cut one of the singer's live performances ... it's borderline sacreligious:

Hair Phone Reloaded!
So Gaga Over Gaga
A Conservative Outfit
Lady Gaga Crotch Picture
Penis Free

Natasha, get a grip girl!! Gaga is 20 times better than Madonna?? Even Gaga would disagree with that, especially since Gaga copies EVERYTHING music, style, dancing, video concepts, setting her roots in gay dance clubs, her out there personality and pushing the envelope themes is a clear rip-off of Madonna. Seriously... EVERYTING is due to the real queen, Madonna. I know you don't know that, because your probably like all of 17 and weren't even alive when MTV actually played something called music videos. Seriously, you, Natasha, need a music history lesson. Loved Gaga's AI performance but she is NO Madonna. She'll never have the same impact. EVER!!


well its FOX whataya expect! they have some issues with the president


this is stuipd


'Twas a poor editing job. Much happier when I saw the full version on-line. Lady GaGa did a great job, singing (not lip synching) thorugh the whole song; the audence was enthralled, clapping to the beat the whole time. The gal can put on a show. One last thing: the only thing that disappoints me about Lady GaGa is the teeth-gnashers who make disparaging comments just to make them. Better really love gnashing your teeth, because all eternity is set aside for you to do that.


I saw the American Idol version of Lady Gaga. Let's just say that I didn't care for her slurry, hard to understand singing or her poor dancing performance. The smoke and ridiculous costumes looked like a distraction so you would not notice her poor singing. She would not even make a good Idol contestant. Maybe she could get a job as an interior decorator?

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