Lady Gaga Performs on American Idol

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American Idol narrowed its field of finalists to four last night by eliminating Aaron Kelly. But the highlight of the night was a performance by Ms. Lady Gaga.

Ratings are way down this season, but that can't be blamed on the show's roster of results night guest performers, which has been consistently impressive.

GaGa's pre-taped performance, which has been widely anticipated, ran over six minutes in length, but due to time constraints, was cut down to under five.

Time constraints. On an all-filler show!

Still, it's definitely worth watching. Here's Lady Gaga doing her newest hit, "Alejandro," and her staple "Bad Romance" last night on American Idol ...

Typically great, no? No one will ever accuse her of phoning in a concert, even if it's just two songs. These things are almost like performance art pieces.

Whether it's Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors or amputated leg rumors (she supposedly had it done for fun), she's always at the center of controversy.

She's also a powerhouse performer, week in and week out.


lady gaga,stupid name for a woman who dresses like she's in costume for a halloween part every day of her life,she is a scary looking person,she has no style.she just looks stupid.


After constantly reading about Lady Gaga, this is the first time I have seen her "perform". What a gigantic load of crap. It sounded boring and was boring. Dressing up like an idiot and prancing around like one didn't improve it either. Cheap version of early Madonna, boring boring boring, and bad.


Now that you mention it...Alejandro does sound a lot like Ace of Base. But then it also reminds me of ABBA and Ace of Base were ABBA wannabes. Still liked the performance and my 8 yr. old loved it too!!


Crappy song....ace of base did it better......"Don"t Turn Around" the music.....

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