Lady Gaga on Glee Episode: AHHH!

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Glee paid tribute to Lady Gaga Tuesday. Perhaps you heard.

Critics and fans loved the Fox show's episode, which drew praise from the often-imitated, never duplicated (sorry, Christina Aguilera) star as well.

“I love Glee,” the singer told EW. “I went to a musical theatre school, and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs.”

Gaga also posted on Twitter about the Glee episode, called "Theatricality," summing her feelings up simply: "GLEE WAS SO AMAZING! AHHH!!!!"

Pretty much the exact reaction of our critic's Glee review.

Lady G. in Concert

Lady Gaga: Glee's #1 fan. [Photo:]

This week’s episode saw New Directions do just that, when the club’s female vocalists, and Kurt, donned some of Gaga’s most memorable looks.

They proceeded to rock the house with “Bad Romance.” But it was Rachel’s duet with Shelby of “Poker Face” what stole the show a little later on.

“I don’t channel Lady Gaga,” cast member and Broadway veteran Idina Menzel said of tackling the showstopper. “I’m just in awe of Lady Gaga.”

That's high praise, but well-earned. Here's hoping that Gaga's health problems improve and she returns to the stage in short, awesome order.


Thought the episode was great. Loved the costumes and thought the Poker Face interpretations was interesting. Also, ugh, on the Christina Aguilera dig. I don't think she is imitating at all. She's been around longer. She's been wearing unique costumes for longer (i.e. spider in Fighter). More recently, she has been going for burlesque which is different from Gaga's style. There is room for two divas!


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If you notice, Glee used both a male and females to perform her songs. Even they can't tell if he/she is man or woman. Personally, I think Lady Gaga is a post op transvestite.

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