Lady Gaga Health Problems Raise Questions

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She nearly collapsed on stage in March and had to cancel several shows earlier this year citing exhaustion. Her latest health scare - lupus - is even more alarming.

Is Lady Gaga on the verge of a physical breakdown?

"I'm very connected to my aunt, Joanne, who died of lupus," the pop star tells The Times of London, adding that she's been tested. "It's a very personal thing."

Gaga did not elaborate, but doesn't "want anyone to be worried" about the disease, in which the immune system attacks the body and which can be genetic.

"I have heart palpitations and things. But it's okay. It's just from fatigue and other things," the singer, who said she fainted during her New Zealand concert.

Hey, at least the amputated leg rumors are false ... right?

Lady Gaga Retreats

Is Lady Gaga okay? [Photo:]

Her most recent health emergency: "The other day," Gaga said.

In Tokyo, where she was "having trouble breathing," the accused Christina Aguilera copycat was fine after receiving "a little oxygen" and went back on stage.

"I was okay," she says, adding: "I don't want anyone to worry."

Too late, girl. Too late.

As for buzz about her thin body, Gaga insists she doesn't "have an eating problem," but has a busy schedule that doesn't allow "very much time to eat."

Is that not an eating problem then? "I really don't do drugs. I don't touch cocaine any more. I don't smoke," she says. "I do take care of myself."

But much like the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors, don't expect a break anytime soon. She's been touring so relentlessly, it's not even funny.

"People say I should take a break," says the singer. "But I'm like, 'Why should I take a break? What do you want me to do? Go on vacation?"


stop judging people.


lady gaga should take a break but she shuld start to eat proper to its scarey what if she faints on stage thats not goo . im going to your cncert on the 2 of novmber in belfast so excitedd loveyou gaga xxxxxxxx


She will learn. When you are very young, you think you can go like the Energizer Bunny indefinitely... I say that she will probably start coming around to the reality of her physical limitations in her early thirties...perhaps sooner. Hopefully, it will be a harmless discovery.


o,my god heart that lady gaga has heart problems


gaga needs to slow things down a bit she has the write to whine about how busy her life is she has been on tour for the last two years she has done nothing but bring her fans music and conserts backwards and forwards countary two coutary prefoming and as for being a millionair she dosent have money she spends what she dose earn on her show she has been bankrupt so many times in the last three years its unberlivable i would love to see you lot get up and sing and dance infront of thousands of pepple every night u would be egsausted to have you seen how much waight this lady has lost since her early days so how about you do her job and see how your health deterates xoxoxoxox

Sydney strange

Uhhh most of the time Cosmo mag is just copies of other peoples interviews (Y)


This chick is just too bizarre for me to handle.


Come on Lady Gaga whine some more. If touring is so damn hard then you should of stuck to your prior job as a man. I can't stand it when millionaire celebrities whine about how busy their life is.

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