Lady Gaga Channels Britney Spears ... in a Good Way?

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Lady Gaga's costume choice at a concert in England over the weekend brought back found memories of another pop music icon - vintage Britney Spears.

But would that be a good thing here?

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The outfit reminded us of the one worn during Britney Spears' infamous MTV Awards opening song in 2007, easily one of the worst ever by any performer.

To her credit, Ms. Spears has come a long way since those dazed 5150 days. But even now, can Britney 2.0 compete with the awesomeness of Lady Gaga?

Who's a better singer? Vote below!

Lady Gaga (2010) and Britney Spears (2007) get down, dirty and ogled by backup dancers. The poses and costumes are similar. Which powerhouse do you prefer?

Who's the better performer?


Its such a pity that in a place where greats like
Elvis, Michael, Elton John, Prince are ter.. trashed chicks like these too come in. I dont need any one to say that BRitney is absolutely hopeless. She can't create her own music. And Lady Gaga is dumb. A proper performer would need to strip down to thongs and a 2 piece costume. A performer / entertainer is some one like Michael or Elvis. I feel these trashed chicks need to learn from Taylor Swift who is much more elegant. The industry is so stupid. There are dozens of better singers out ter dan gaga or Britney. They just got lucky.


britney is soooooooooooo much better than stupid gaga


Queen B all the way!


I like them both


Both of them suck in my opinion but I will have to go with Brittany Spears simply because she looks better than the post op transvestite.


i say ashton all sad i say brit is not bad even though she has a f***ed up life


i say gaga i waaay better than britney sure briyney was good but when u have kids a a f***ed up life u should stop being all exposed gaga is new and fresh she is awesome


Look, I'll grant you that Britney can shake her booty with the best of them but the girl CANNOT SING. She sounds like a chipmunk who just inhaled helium.


Britney is totaly recovered, and has been for years. Looking forward to the new album.


The 2007 VMA performance had some good moments in it. It was better than any performanceKesha has ever done. Britney looks so much better than Gaga (even when she's a wreck).

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