Krista White: America's Next Top Model Winner

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If self-serving blow hard Tyra Banks had her way, she'd name herself America's Next Top Model every year.

Fortunately, that's against this show's rules, which meant good things for Krista White last night.

America's Next Top Model Poster

The 26-year-old from Pine Bluff, Arkansas beat out Raina Hein in the finals and was reduced to tears when her name was announced as the winner.

"I can't believe it. I want to pinch myself," said White. "Nobody thought it would be me. For me, to be from the small Pine Bluff with maybe 100 or something people where nobody ever leaves. It's amazing ... I'm excited I'm America's Next Top Model."

Of course, someone has to tell Angela that the competition is over - and she lost.

"I know America loves me," the self-promoting finalist said after being eliminated. "Even though I'm not in the final two, I'm still America's Next Top Model."

Except that you aren't.

Banks referred to White as "the embodiment of a top model." As the winner, she receives a contract with Wilhelmina Models; a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics; and a six-page spread in Seventeen.

Were you happy Krista won?


I think that Krista looks old and should not have won. Raina is young and fresh and is the face of covergirl. Oh well, that is the way it goes. Raina will work as a model and be very successful anyway.


I knew they were going to give it to Krista because she kept saying how many times she had tried out. However, I guess for me "androgenous" just isn't appealing. I did love her walk and commercial but I didn't care for her physical appearance. However, I know Raina will land on her feet. She has a great attitude and a wonderful fresh look.


Give me a break. They just gave it to the black one because they are politically correct. End of story.


Like anyone did not know that Krista wa gonna win. I hate that Alexandra did not make it to the final two as her pic, to me, was the best, both this week and last week. The past 3 weeks I been sayin its a set up krista all of sudden gets rave reviews and wins again and again and her pic last week was not all that. The judges clearly did not like Raina over krista as was evident in their comments, week after week, after week. Don't know if I want to watch anymore after the last three cycles...


In a way, I'm glad that Raina didn't win. She's waaaaay more classier than what Top Model can provide. She'll definitely be more successful.


I knew it fron 4 girls stayed, i could not find a rezon to drop off Krista and Raina there were so good but something about Krista made ne think she would won because it takes a lot of confidence to get to that point and if you are not agree do not forget the pictures tell them all. Krista did not miss a shot she was always focused and knew what to do and how to do. God really gave you a gift, you are gifted.


Krista deserved to win. She won to many of the weekly competitions not to win. Yes, Raina is very beautiful on the outside, but Krista beat her out in personally,and her overall total appearance. Also,Krista was more refined. Congrats to you Krista.


Krista has a great walk, thin-as-a-rail physique and has taken some great "editorial pics"...but Reina was gorgeous, even withouth the hours in the make-up chair....she is a natural, just too pretty for this show....she will have more success, no doubt. nothing to do with color (the amount of success), everything to do with the face....Krista's beautiful complexion is not going to change her skeletor looks, with a big honker....


This win is well deserved!!!! Go Krista!!!


Just goest to show you how vapid and stupid are these women. "small Pine Bluff with maybe 100 or something people", bitch, it has 55,000. More famous people than you have come from much smaller places.

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