Krista White: America's Next Top Model Winner

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If self-serving blow hard Tyra Banks had her way, she'd name herself America's Next Top Model every year.

Fortunately, that's against this show's rules, which meant good things for Krista White last night.

America's Next Top Model Poster

The 26-year-old from Pine Bluff, Arkansas beat out Raina Hein in the finals and was reduced to tears when her name was announced as the winner.

"I can't believe it. I want to pinch myself," said White. "Nobody thought it would be me. For me, to be from the small Pine Bluff with maybe 100 or something people where nobody ever leaves. It's amazing ... I'm excited I'm America's Next Top Model."

Of course, someone has to tell Angela that the competition is over - and she lost.

"I know America loves me," the self-promoting finalist said after being eliminated. "Even though I'm not in the final two, I'm still America's Next Top Model."

Except that you aren't.

Banks referred to White as "the embodiment of a top model." As the winner, she receives a contract with Wilhelmina Models; a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics; and a six-page spread in Seventeen.

Were you happy Krista won?


I think that Raina should've won. I think Krista should have come second. Glad to see Alasia didn't win :)
Also, glad to see Angelea gone too, she didn't have a nice attitude and it wouldn't have taken her far in the industry.


Krista says, "I can't believe it, I have to pinch myself..." Well, I'm here to tell you right now: I HAVE TO PINCH MYSELF to read that she ACTUALLY WON!! Ok, WHO was PAID OFF?!? No, seriously, I repeat: WHO DA HECK WAS PAID OFF?!? This contest was a No-Brainer: America's Next Top Raina!! I was going thru a stressful eviction proceeding while in the middle of this cycle 14 competition and unfortunately never saw the ending; but I JUST KNEW I would be reading about the newest and next ANTM, Raina Heim, sometime in the future when I got settled. So, here I am reading THIS bit of news. Thanks but NO THANKS---No More ANTM for me, I'm done.


what people dont understand is that you have to be a diva, a bitch and all that to make it in the entertainment industry. you need that confidence in order to make in that industry. if u dont believe in yourtrself who the hell will. look at the most successful people in the entertainment industry and tell me that they arent divas.........the most common thing you hear is "i used to be shy and insecure"....ha.....look at them now. Go KRISTA!!!!!!!!!!!


anyways^^^...........KRISTA is the bomb and ANTM knew what they were doing when they picked KRISTA. KRISTA is amazing and worked it in every way. she knew that she wanted that crown and did what she had to do to get it. KRISTA has the personality and the talent to make it in the industry, hence the reason she was crowned ANTM......i love you KRISTA......get it GIRL!!!!!!!!


i'm not a black or white. From the beggining i'm already rooting for Raina. Yea go raina. She has this wonderful persona, the beautiful smiles... on the other hand, krista sucks bad time in terms of personality. yes the judges have spoken.. but that doesn't mean krista the winner will do so much better than Raina in the fashion industry.


congratz to krista but i like raina so much..


she's definitely an outstanding girl. she can look as well as like a bully as like an angel. i don't care about her personality during the competition(all the other girls except alexandra n simone arent better). what i'm interested in is how will she manage to have a sustainable model carrier.
I dont worry about that coz i know she'll be able to go as far as she want. krista just dont care what people say ! go ahead !!!


omgosh i cant believe krista won.. but she ws a BLACK GIRL..
i thought she was great.. shes beautuful and i love herr..




Krista is a very outwardly beatiful girl who has a horrible personality and is a bitch and a diva. She thinks everthing is about her and I'm sorry, but for me that is not attractive. I don't care how gorgeous someone is on the outside but if they always think about themselves and always try to bring other's down that detracts majorly from their charms. I think that the fashion industry should concentrate on inward beauty as much as it does on outward beauty. I think the world would be a better place. Raina and Jessica were the best in terms of inward and outward beauty and for that reason I think one of them should have won.