Krista White: America's Next Top Model Winner

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If self-serving blow hard Tyra Banks had her way, she'd name herself America's Next Top Model every year.

Fortunately, that's against this show's rules, which meant good things for Krista White last night.

America's Next Top Model Poster

The 26-year-old from Pine Bluff, Arkansas beat out Raina Hein in the finals and was reduced to tears when her name was announced as the winner.

"I can't believe it. I want to pinch myself," said White. "Nobody thought it would be me. For me, to be from the small Pine Bluff with maybe 100 or something people where nobody ever leaves. It's amazing ... I'm excited I'm America's Next Top Model."

Of course, someone has to tell Angela that the competition is over - and she lost.

"I know America loves me," the self-promoting finalist said after being eliminated. "Even though I'm not in the final two, I'm still America's Next Top Model."

Except that you aren't.

Banks referred to White as "the embodiment of a top model." As the winner, she receives a contract with Wilhelmina Models; a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics; and a six-page spread in Seventeen.

Were you happy Krista won?


Way to go Krista!! Congratulations, you deserve it and everyone here in Arkansas are so proud of you!!


Way to go Krista, well deserved. She did it and she did it well Raina was pretty, her walk along with her physique was awful.


She wasn't a bitch, she was focused!!! Reina was pretty, but thats it, she was ONLY pretty. Not versatile like Krista!!


No. Reina should've won. If "the embodiment of a top model" is being a bitch and having a large ego, then I suppose you're right.