Kendra Wilkinson to Save Her Marriage, Baby Style!

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Kendra Wilkinson has made a sex tape in which she strips down and gets penetrated on video by an ex-boyfriend.

As you might expect, husband Hank Baskett has reportedly reacted negatively to this news.

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So... what can Kendra do to make it up to her man? That's easy: have more sex, of course!

Breaking news, folks: Kim Kardashian has been cheated on, Tori Spelling isn't thin - and you can have arms that don't jiggle!!!

The latest issue of Life & Style claims Wilkinson has come up with a plan to make Baskett forget about her on-camera exploits with someone else. The pair will simply procreate again.

"They've been trying for a second child for a while. And Kendra hopes it will happen sooner rather than later," said a source. "Kendra knows she upset Hank over all this sex tape stuff, and she wants it all to go away.

"Focusing on another baby would help. Plus, it would make for more great TV for the show."

Wait, is this insider implying that Kendra exploits her personal life for fame, fortune and ratings?!? For shame!


well, i love kendr's ways of doing things and if she says she wants another baby i'd say go girl, anyways its your famaly so please your hubby since you are'nt getting any younger admira from Namibia Katukoo.


I don't believe they're trying for a new baby right now either because she's working too hard to restore her body to the pre-baby #1 shape. Why would she do all that just to get pregnant again? What a bunch of rot!!! God bless. RB


It's all baloney. The sex tape may exist, but Hank knew what he was getting before he married her. God bless. RB


The sex tape was before hank and kendras time so why does he have a problem with it. She probably forgot she even made one. The Ex is wrong for doing that. People will do anything for money now days..


her ex is dead wrong for letting the tape get to the public. that was something that she did behind closed doors with the person that she loved at that time.. she has obviously moved on and looks happy. justin is just a HATER!


It is one thing to be married with a newborn, but the idea that becoming pregnant again so soon with the intention of making up and rekindling a relationship is a$$ backwards.There is a hint of walking on hot coals for awhile,but now is not the time to bring another baby into this hotbed (no pun intended).

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Kendra Wilkinson was a star on The Girls Next Door. But she left that show, along with Hugh Hefner, in 2008. From there, Kendra met and... More »
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