Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Scandal: Exposed!

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We doubt there is a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape. ** (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

We make a living exploring the world of celebrity gossip. We forced our interns to work overtime last night, phoning sources and surfing every site on the Internet: nothing.

Kendra Wilkinson's Honeymoon

But that hasn't stopped this troubled young woman from spreading her own sex tape rumors, as OK! Weekly has apparently run out of weight loss stories to BS for their readers.

Instead, this week's issue plasters Kendra's worried face on its cover and screams about her SEX TAPE SCANDAL.

The feature article goes on to claim that "a salacious sex tape" is set to go public, unless Wilkinson can take legal action to stop it.

Now, we've heard of celebrities feigning shock and outrage when a sex tape just happens to get leaked. It started with Paris Hilton and it continues to this day with Mindy McCready. It's a cliche at this point.

But Kendra is the first D-lister to actually concoct her very own sex tape rumor, in order to pocket some cash, help a tabloid sell a few issues and remain in the news cycle for at least a week. It's impressive, hilarious and very sad.

** UPDATE: Hmmm.... then again...


Imma need yall tha media to not make a big deal out of thiz because that her busisness, nd not urs,nd to tha ppl thats thinkin of sellin her sex tape needs ta get a life cuz u mad that Kendra iz do wat she needs ta do in life nd rasie her child up right so leave hr tha fuck alone she jus tryna b her nd i love nd respect her for that so shit leave her alone about this {{{Sponge3Bob 2011}}}


Oh shit, that is something awful


Wow, it's Speidi-worthy. Kendra WAS in a mental hospital for a while so perhaps she does have some issues.


Kendra would not make a rumor about herself!!!!
Come on now people do you really think she wants this kind of word going around?! Get a life of your own!!!!!!!!


lol...all of your interns, you are so funny....lolol....even worse, the internet must not work in your basement.....cuz (once again) you are wrong, lolol


Being a wife and mother in the slow lane is taken its toll on poor Kendra. Life in the Playboy Mansion with all the 24/7 fun,and the reality of being a wife and mother are just two worlds apart that poor Kendra is having a hard time coping with.
Of all of Hef's recent paramours,she appears to be the most visible and is intended on keeping it that way.A few weeks ago,she
was crying the blues about her mistakes during her younger years,that we did not even have to know about,but she felt the need to tell.I have yet to get over how people make their own selves look bad in order to get some (negative)attention.


No offense Kendra but there are at least 10,000 blondes that look like you that I can watch have sex for free on my computer with better lighting. Now, a Susan Boyle sex tape would be breaking news!

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