Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Scandal: Exposed!

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We doubt there is a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape. ** (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

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    Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape is known to be a hard to find one.
    Check it out here: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape (full version)

    Seems homemade to me
    Have fun


    Kendra; you are the best gift GOD ever gave your husband
    You are brave, courageous, open to all and now settled
    Who on earth could ever get to where you got to at that time you did and did withdraw from Playboy House?
    Americans, paparatzi , please let her grow
    She is the most IDEAL WOMAN EVER on the face of the earth
    GOD's love for you is so great
    No one can stop it


    i think she shuld be left alone. shes hapily married and a very proud mum. she has a past like evry1 else and no1s perfect and at least shes straight up about shit. i say at least shes a great mum thats all that matters in life.

    Avatar Akelah Ridley - are we really supposed to respect your opinion when you can't speak, write or spell? Go back to school please!


    Kendra has a past like everyone else she's not a robot.. These people are humans just like the rest of us leave her alone!!!! Kendra I love you and I am so glad to hear that you were at the pits of hell and you pulled your self out of it and now you are reaping the fruits of your labor with a beautiful baby boy and in a loving marrige just remeber this to shall pass much love L.C


    If we stopped buying that crap, they'd begin to leave celebrities alone to live their own lives with their families.

    So crap like is is OUR fault.

    God bless.



    people need to get over it!!!
    let her be who cares it aint illegal big shit,
    if u did it and and some1 wonted to show it to the world you
    would be pretty pissed offf just like kendra
    sooo get over it get a life let her live hers happily with her
    beautiful baby and husband


    Kendra Who? Never heard of her.


    I agree with 100% with Courtney~! Kendra does not need exposure or to all you haters out there......just fuck off and get a life~!


    I am SO shocked, another star (?) gettin' flack for bein' on her back. Now THERE'S news. Is this the best her PR person can do? I would fire that person in a New York minute, and concentrate on something that has a least a thread of positivity.

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