Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Partner Revealed, Scandal May End Her Marriage

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Who would have thought that filming yourself having sex with another man, and then shopping this tape for profit, would endanger your marriage?!?

Not Kendra Wilkinson certainly.

She's reportedly "heading for a split" with husband Hank Baskett, following this month's revelations that she a) made a sex tape in 2005 and b) tried to peddle it herself before c) agreeing to do a cover story for OK! Weekly about it just to garner publicity for its sale.

Ah, the life of a talentless Playboy model.

Headed for Splitsville?

According to Radar Online, Kendra's partner on the tape was a dude named Justin. He dated Kendra between the pair's high school graduation in the spring of 2003 to the time she moved into the Playboy Mansion.

In 2008, Wilkinson formed a company and tried to sell the video herself. Such news has made "Hank totally upset and embarrassed," a source told Life & Style. "He's so angry."

The same insider says Baskett may pretend to be supportive in public, but actually fears the scandal may affect his NFL future.

"The main reason he's embarrassed is his team's [possible] reaction," added the souce. "He needs to concentrate on his career right now, and this just creates more distractions for him."

Baskett's performance in Super Bowl XLIV, where he dropped an onside kick that led to a Saints touchdown, may prove more problematic to any potential suitors than the fact he's married to an attention whore. Anyone with E! already knew that anyway.


stupids ....shit happens, she was young da guy who put it out is an azzhoe.... leave da girl alone.... she is doin her thing , her n hank r not goin to break up they r a strong couple people need to just leave them alone .... bitches stop hatin 4 real worry about ur damn self...


Please don't confuse (goofy) Hank with any news about Kendra, his mind is already messed up regarding her as it is.


I'm not sure why her husband would be upset by this. Come on , he knew she was a $kank when he married her. She's posed nude, made her livelihood exchanging sex for living arrangments with Hefner, and now this is embarassing? Go figure.


cassie bee, how retarded are you? Talking about rumors, she's promoting it and trying to sell it herself lulz.


WOW get a life serious yall tryin to make money to off her tapes other wise this wouldnt be posted kendra is a great person and a wonderful person... past is the past and u can tell this was in her past... Hank and Kendra are very much in love and im sure hank and kendra will not split because of the video if nething it would be because all the people makin such a big deal out of it,,, and even i know that kendra and hank are bigger then to let people and rumors and expecially the past to come in between them,, keep ya head up kendra they all just jelous cuz they cant do it how you do... GET IT GIRL and dont stress


i don't understand why these celeb's do sex tape they suppos to be role modle's to their fans i used to like her til i found out she's plactis.


Not a smart move by anyone, famous or not, to make sex tapes...however stupid IF she did try to sel it and from what I see on tv, Hank seems like a genuine man...I hope it doesn't break them up.

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