Kate Gosselin on Parenting: Help Me!!!!!!!!!

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Kate Gosselin has her hands full with eight kids. For once, we sympathize.

The reality mom, who was recently sent packing from Dancing with the Stars, has returned to parenting duties, and blogs that she's more referee than mom.

Describing fights among her youngins, she says: "Help! Where is my referee uniform??? Honestly, this is every minute of every day in a house with eight kids!"

"OK, I'll admit it. There are the sweet moments of love and compassion to balance these never-ending stressful encounters, but for some reason, these unloving loud outbursts are what I tend to remember," adds the recently-divorced Kate.

How does she stop the bickering (wonder where they get it from)?

Kate is Irate

Kate Plus 8 ... fights per hour. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

"I'm to the point where I hold up my hand and say, 'I'm not the complaint department, and I don't like how black and white stripes look on me, so go work it out."

"If you can't, I'll help you.' And I leave it to them," writes Gosselin.

She "mentally devises" how she'll deal with her sextuplets, who just turned six, and twins before "the next time I hear the stampede of unrest coming my way."

Sometimes, she even considers "running in the other direction and hiding," she admits of the "emotionally tiring and time consuming" task of raising children. "And there are many more jungle outbursts to be handled, ... Help me!!!!!!!!"

Jon Gosselin? Hello? You out there somewhere?

Get out of Ellen Ross' bed and help Kate out.


I find it funny this woman is complaining when she has help. I'd kill to have a nanny to help me raise my children. This woman is just drumming up publicity for herself. She should not be complaining when she has it soooo much easier than most,even if she has a trainload of children. She still has it easir than most. She needs to SHUT UP AND GO AWAY ALREADY!!


It's amazing, and somewhat disturbing to me that people are so eager to judge this lady, and make comments like, "you should have kept your legs closed", and condemn this woman because she says she sometimes feels overwhelmed by the demands of so many children. First, it's none of your business what she does in that department.Second, as other posts have noted, even mothers leading very normal lives, with only 1 or 2 children, can sometimes feel overwhelmed - it's not a sin; it's not a sign of incompetence; it's a normal human reaction. Third, you can't possibly know what kind of pressure she's under, because you're not living her life (however much i suspect some of you would like to be) and Fourth,you never CAN know, because, newsflash! IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! (And by the way, I'm no fan of hers, just of normal human decency to another person.)


I'm thinkin special 2 hour Supernanny!!


Oh Kate....I'll help you. I don't mind donating some of my time to helping you with the kids. I have two kids who are all grown up and out of the house so I kind of have an idea of what children are about. Plus I'm gettings towards the end of my own divorce after 36 years of marriage so I also can empathize with you on that subject as well. Well, anyway, if you need someone that is a run-of-the-mill person to talk to, or you need some help, I can help. I can do laundry, dishes, etc. Used that by now! Plus once I move into my new apartment in mid June, I should have free time. Good luck to you, although I think you're doing a great job without my help, that's for sure.


You will get through all of this Kate.. Life isn't easy no matter what road you are on.. bad choices.. we have all made them and most of them we live through and move on... Its okay to think you are losing "it" at times... everymom has been there.. It won't last forever.. they do grow up.. and they will love you inspite of all the things you might have done wrong in everyones elses eyes.. hang it there.


Please leave this woman alone. she is trying to do her best as a mom and as a woman. have you ask yourself how she feels being in the 30's and be alone. in a way, she is trying to call attention, because she needs it as a human been. Come on people! don't be so cruel.


You reap what you produce when you can't keep your legs closed or use birth control instead of fertility pills.


Maybe you should have thought about all this before you popped all those fertility pills. You are stupid!!


Don't listen Kate...if you stayed at home or work like you do, kids get on mom's nerves. I have 4...when it was age appropriate (oldest 14, youngest 9), I would tell them I was leaving for a short while before I killed them!! It's amazing how as little as 15-20 minute ride in you car makes you feel better. Even better, when I got home, the kids somehow banded together!! Don't listen to all the negatives that people are leaving you on message board. I'm a stay at home mom and I would be lying if I didn't say my kids drive me nuts some days!!


maybe you should have thought about that before you thought about all the big money you would make. you'll get no sympathy from me i have been trying to find a job for over 2 years just to keep a roof over my head and you're whining about your children misbehaving, you've got the money hire a nanny and go run around the country some more. with 1 person setting rules and the discipline (it's called consistancy)things will be a whole lot better for your children.


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