Kat Von D Sticks Up For Michelle McGee

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Kat Von D says you shouldn't have beef with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

Well, not because of her tattoos at least. You can hate her for being an adulterer, fame-seeking sellout and overall waste of space, but lay off the tats.

"You can't judge a book by its cover," the L.A. Ink star said. "I think there's always been a negative stigma surrounding tattoos, especially on women."

"To me, it is all about how you carry yourself, and some people carry it differently, I guess. For me, I just want to be a positive example of tattooing."

As long as you don't screw an Oscar winner's husband, Kat, you're good.

The Bombshell
Kat Von D Naked

Michelle McGee, left, and TLC's Kat Von D.

She doesn't think it's fair to say that Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's look sparked her affair with Jesse James, ending his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

McGee bears quite the resemblance to James' porn star ex-wife Janine Lindemulder ... and to Kat Von D nude, come to think of it. See photo above.

"There have been many cases in the past that have been fully exploited where people have affairs and then they have absolutely no tattoos, so if we were to sit there and dissect that, that would be pointless and very time consuming," Kat said.

That settles that. People have affairs no matter what. Jesse James, tons of tattoos, a bunch of mistresses. Tiger Woods? No tattoos, 121 mistresses.

Foolproof theory, Kat. The real question: Who would you rather ... y'know?


Kat Von D wild life really different any other celebrities.


wellll fukkk hatersss!!! only u wuld waste ur tymm hatin on other people, i respect sandra bullock!! but wad happen wit jessi james and dat lady!! is between dam!! its none of our business!! and the tatoss!! love it, i got the meanest respect for tatoo artist!! and love their art work!!! and stop dissin on the girl with the tatoo on her forehead!! kozz she likes it, dats why she got it..fukk wad uzz all fink!! and (randyjacksonbutt) hu gives a fukn shyt wad u fink!!! dnt judge her, u go luk in da fukn mirror!!! n while ur at it, get a tatoo on ur forehead sayn "fukk im a loser"...all u haterss go stikk sumfin up yah ass!!! ...kozz uzz all got issues..n Kat von D is an amazin tatoo artistt!!....


kat is so dumb, no body was talking about that, I know this is an old story just felt compelled to say; get over yourself. it wasnt tattos it was the whole neo-natzi thing that was repulsive, not to mention who sleeps with married men


It must be a part of the skank handbook that they have to stick up for each other...


Kat Von D is a cokehead... How is that setting a positive example for tattooing?


randyjacksonsbutt) i bet you don't have any tattoos-and theres a difference between a dumd little butterfly and your whole body being ink'd!
It HURTS!ANY bitch who can tat that much is HARDCORE!
I wish i could watch her kick your hater ass!!!


Michelle McGee and Kat Von D look nothing alike. They don't even have the same type of tattoos.


I wouldnt' so much say she is benig judged for her "cover" but more for being a complete whore who slept with a married man, and then in turn told a sketchy tabloid for money...yep i would say that is why she is being judged.


First off, tattoos aren't even rebellious anymore. Every girl under the age of 35 has at least one. Second off, I think it's safe to judge the book by the cover in regards to Michelle McGee simply because the skank has a tattoo on her friggin forehead. I'm sorry but I just don't see someone with a forehead tattoo working any job besides stripper, porn star, or convict.

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