Ka-Khing! Tabloids Kontinue to Kash in on Kardashians Weight Loss Kraze

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Yesterday, we spoke to celebrity trainer Nicky Holender. He made it clear that famous people are easy to whip into shape because all are accustomed to hard work and ready for more of it when it comes to losing weight.

All except the Kardashians, that is.

These talentless, lazy sisters have a triple-pronged approach to weight loss:

  1. Take QuickTrim.
  2. Rely on airbrushing.
  3. Hire a publicist to line their pockets with magazine cover cash.

The tabloids eat it up because consumers, for reasons that defy comprehension, think that Kim Kardashian or anyone in her family has any clue at all about healthy living. Just this week alone, these two cover stories are available on newsstands:

QuickTrim Bodies
Diet Experts

What sage words does Kim offer about losing weight? She tells Life & Style that it's important to east breakfast. STOP THE PRESSES!

Of course, it also helps to helps to get Botox injections; and Kardashian also says she tries to get as much protein as possible throughout the day.

Cristiano Ronaldo can probably help Kim with that.


Arctiles like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.


guess i was right, you are jealous....are you a tubby gal or just fug? BTW, they are not the first or last women to cash in on their looks, take off the hate-blinders....look at every woman in the industry, and their commercial contracts, interviews, diet books, etc..... to diet yourself into a healthy weight (as they have) is much better than to go beyond that (into waifdom, which they have not)....Look at the weight problems this country has....look at it, go ahead research the problem & what it is doing to the health of our nation....how is talking about their meal and exercise routines so horrible???? (* no, the article is not about quicktrim)get over it, your hate is not news


I'm also pretty sure that posing for tabloid covers that scream DIETS THAT WORK isn't promoting anything EXCEPT waif-like figures.


It's true. Look at all the hard work Kim does by standing in a biking, drinking QuickTrim and going to the bathroom 12 times a day to lose weight. How does she have time to deposit her sex tape revenue every week with such a busy schedule?!?


Those "talentless,lazy sisters" seem to be working their asses off & cashing in!! Good for them, great to promote curvy women instead of waifs!! Funny how such "lazy" people get so much work done....are you jealous of their jobs or their looks??? Something is fueling your tirade against beautiful & successful women....you would think you loved them, as much as you write about them!! Glambert is probably jealous, lol!!

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