Justin Frye and Kendra: Exposed!

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Now that there's been cold, hard, naked confirmation that a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape exists, readers are bombarding us with two questions:

  1. Who leaked the video?
  2. Who is the dude in this photo really giving it to Kendra?

The answer, it turns out, is one and the same: Justin Frye.

Kendra Wilkinson in Vegas

In 2003, Frye and Wilkinson shared an apartment in San Diego. Shortly after the future Playboy model turned 18, she and Justin filmed the sex tape, which Kendra then left behind when she moved into Hugh Hefner's mansion.

Frye sold it to Vivid Entertainment this spring for $100,000, as sources tell Radar Online that he and Kendra have both "cut a deal" for portions of its proceeds.

"He waited until Kendra's fame hit a certain level," an insider said. "He was striking while the iron is hot, if you like. This was a well orchestrated plan."

Frye, seen above, hails from Arizona and has dabbled in mixed martial arts. He "has shown the tape to his friends," a source told Star Magazine, adding:

“At the end of the month, you’re all going to know just how crazy it is!”

You can get a pretty good idea RIGHT NOW, as well. Consider yourself warned.

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Don't you just love these guys that star in sex tapes with their GF's and show it to their 'friends'.....and then sell the tape? JJ and Michelle McGee were just not thinking 'ahead', were they?


And I still wonder why anyone would feel sorry for her, she asked for it. I have zero pitty for her!!


I feel sorry for her. She seems to be a good mother and her and Hank look happy. I hope her past doesnt screw up her life.


I feel sorry for her because it looks like she is brain-dead, as I sad before. Maby loser but I still feel sorry for her!!


Why would anyone feel sorry for her!!?? She makes a living doing this kind of skany shit-this is part of it all and now her (soon to be ex I hope) husband and family can all be humiliated at once. WOW was that money worth it??? WHATEVER!!! LOSER!


I feel sorry for her, but no one can say that she was NOT brain-dead the day. Seriously! Really sorry for her.