Justin Bieber Has a New Girlfriend

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Attention teenage girls around the world: we have good news and bad news.

First, the bad: Justin Bieber has is no longer single. He admitted as much on Twitter yesterday, posting a photo of himself and Kim Kardashian at the White House Correspondents' Dinner and labeling her as his "girlfriend." Sorry, ladies.

Twitter Girlfriend

But there is a silver lining: you might see Bieber naked one of these days, as we all know how much Kim likes to expose her sex life to the world.

Following the aforementioned event in D.C. on Saturday night, Kardashian also took to her Twitter and admitted: "I officially have Bieber Fever!!!"

Does anyone out there have a cure for that? How long do you give this relationship? As you ponder that questionn and cry yourself to sleep tonight over this news, ogle the following shots of Bieber:

Signing for Everyone
Blue Shoes

[Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]


Hi,justin bieber my name is ines im 11yrs old im the sister of meita joy im from rwanda i love you so much and i dont blv to what internet lie to you that you are in love with kim kardashian that old girl is that true ok tell you fans the true my sister wish that you can be the boy friend of her but she will call you one day we have your phone number bye kiss have a good day


Hi,justin bieber my name is meita joy im 14yrs you are mine i love you will meet each other im a cute girl ,sexy like kim i have gift for you a car(land rover) live that stupid girl kim she doesn,t have any use like you fan please sweet heart do it for you fan remember you life before im have cry when i saw you life with you family sorry for tell you this i love you mumy


Hi,justin bieber im frm rwanda i love you so much i want to give you gift of land rover kiss don,t love that stupid girl (selena gomez) if you will do it you fans are going to hate you


Hi justin I m frm India. I m crazier fan of urs. I m also 16 yrs old. I m biggest fan of MJ n next is u. I m a girl. U r rocking. bye my sweety tweety bubly cutie cool pop sensation justin. REPLY ME SOON PLZ.




i love u justin bieber and i want u to date me i would be coming to meet me and pls wait me i really love u uuuuuuuuuuu


noo her look like 50 but justin bieber so cute Noooo not true


To get the rumors straight Justin Bieber is.... SINLGE! he dont have a girlfriend and NO he hasnt had a girlfriend sence he became famous..(: Just putting that out there and YES its rumored that he is dating Selena Gomez but he hasnt said yet.. dont believe anything on the internet unless Justin said it him self (:


Uh no he's dating a NORMAL girl named katia ^ ^


I love justin Bieber. on Facebook my last name is bieber

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