Justin Bieber Fans Threaten to Murder Kim Kardashian

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You know what they say: it's all fun and games until the insane fans of the latest teen sensation murder a talentless reality star.

A couple days after Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber exchanged joking Tweets about their relationship, Kim posted the following message online, addressing it to her pretend boyfriend:

"Seriously Biebs! I'm getting death threats from your fans! This is unBeliebable!"

We'd assume Kim is just being dramatic, but these are the same fans that caused a riot in Australia and trampled Justin's mom in New Zealand. They make Tila Tequila look sane.

Kim at the White House
Parting the Carpet

Bieber tried to calm his nutty followers this morning. He Tweeted:

"Ladies calm down. @kimkardashian is a friend. a very sexy friend but a friend. no need 4 threats. Let's all be friends and hang out often ;)"

Even if she was more than a friend, Justin, there isn't a need for threats. You really need to reign in your fan base. Or just show them this video. That might do the trick.


omg jb im available can we love you...


what it is really happening is that j.bieber and disney channel fans are the stupidest people on the world. kim kardashian will NEVER date that kid. there are hot men all over the world, how come shes gonna chose that worthless kid???
even if it was true, threating kim to murder her wont make justin bitcher love them more. fucking teens, the only thing they can do is listen to the baddest music ever and fucking around.
this people should be taken to mental hospital and never get out of there.


it seems like female fans r hypnotized by the justin fever bieber


y cant justin just date miley cyrus????????????huh


Justin, I love you forever! I just broke up with my boyfriend and I didn't want to have a boyfriend because of YOU! I love you...


My name is hye jin but it think there riight
kim is old for you i believe age dosent matter but its to yucky that kim is older from you so ill give you a advice if your going to pick a girl pick girl pick a girl not older for you but im not saying break up with kim but if you dont whant its ok and make your owend desicion and im not a hatter but when i say something wrong sorry............................


This is really mistake up for kim. Kim didnt do anything to any one, why are they doing it now. Its really serious for what people say about what they do and say, dont treat kim like any enmie just because they are friends and it really dosent matter what they do, they can hang out ro jb can have any thing, but it dosent matter what. If they relationship matter why do you even care for cause its non of your beeswax. Back off stop trying to live there life and live your own,love some you really turely love and like in your life.


I think that the fans should be very careful about what they say to other people. Kim Kardashian is a very nice person. justin is a handsome guy. Kim is so much older then bieber but for the fans you should think about how other's feel & making threats will send you to jail. so if you have any real feelings for justin you'll keep in mind that to wrong's doesnt make a right. what goes around comes back around, my advice to you is think about how you would feel if you were in Ms.Kim's shoes.
its not nice to be so cruel


justin calm down your fans bekuss that is not right watt they ar edoing to kim!!!! and if yooh guys were dating it would be none of there fucking beeswax!!!!!!


I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!.....but seriously kim is OLD for youuu...if you want a girlfriend i'll dump my boyfriend for you anyday... i hope he's not reading thiss.lol. but he is HOT too love himm.....but love you a bit more...a biiiiit more because i havt met you face to face yet ;( hopefully someday i will!!
xxxx luv uuuuuw :x

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