Jon Gosselin: Still Dating Ellen Ross

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Jon Gosselin is still revving the engines of Ellen Ross! Vroom! Vroom!

Sorry. That was really lame. But he was spotted riding on his red Honda sports bike with his girlfriend in Wernersville, Pa., so we sort of had no choice.

The father-of-eight and Ellen Ross, his newest girlfriend, both wore leather jackets and blue jeans. Bet the two of them looked incredibly hot together.

Jon briefly reunited with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin to celebrate their sextuplets' sixth birthday last week. Amazingly, they were really happy to see him.

How long until Ellen decides she no longer is? We give it a couple of weeks ... or until he steals all her money, whichever comes first. Right, Hailey?

Getting Smoked

Ellen Ross is still dating this man for some reason.