Jesse James: Nazi Pic Funny at the Time

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If nothing else, Jesse James deserves credit for being honest and contrite.


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    Hello. I am jewish. I freaking hate Jesse James for cheating on America's sweetheart. I think he's a total douchebag and anybody who cheats as well. But in regards to the nazi hat pic, I could give a rat's a$$. Ever heard of "the producers?" Springtime for Hitler? The great Mel Brooks in full Nazi regalia, giving the sieg heil salute. Not Brooks' best work but still pretty darn funny. And I'm a Jew. and Mel's a jew. Why is it OK for Mel Brooks or even Myself to don a "nazi" hat and make a sieg heil, but not Ok for Jesse James or anyone else. What are you scared of, all these ideas and words? Ideas and words and jokes do not threaten me. Actions do.


    "Sometimes wanting is better than having...." Interesting, Shane. Thanks for that viewpoint.


    Sometimes wanting is better than having.Jesse James had it all in Sandra and the children,and yet it was not enough,and now bless and behold he still have his children, and Sandra is all that he wants,and wants even more that she no longer wants him.Sandra is a woman with class who no longer is in love with his womanizing,
    stupidity,and low class a$$.


    what is she thinking


    This guy proved he has no class by submitting himself to interviews. A real man would have said, No Comment. He's acting like Michelle McGee. What a horses a$$. He knew that Nazi pics was going too far, no one would knowingly do that, there is no defense against that.


    It was funny? Now, how sick of a defense spin is that? This is not a junior high 'punk' with no real understanding of the Nazi torture and genocide of the Jewish people. This is a middle aged sociopath with no empathy.

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