Jesse James Blames Affairs on Past Child Abuse

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We've already seen several clips of Jesse James baring his soul to Good Morning America and Nightline, but they saved the strongest revelation for the full interview.

Last night, James admitted that he was the victim of abuse as a child, and that the shame of that drove him to cheat on Sandra Bullock and destroy their marriage.

Anybody buying it?

"I was a terrorized kid," James said of beatings from his dad.

"I was petrified of my dad," he continued. "It wasn't so much getting the $h!t beat out of me or getting my arm broken or getting kicked or whatever or punched, it was all the in-between time. It was the fear of that happening again."

As a result of his lack of self-worth, he said, "I grew up with a huge amount of shame and fear and abandonment on my shoulders from a very young age, and I think, you know, the way my mind rationalized [cheating]."

Is Jesse James' troubled past to blame for his troubled present?

"'I thought, 'Well, you know, I might as well do whatever I can to, like, run her off, 'cause she is going to find out what I am anyway and leave me anyway.'"

Again ... anybody buying it?

Jesse James, who says he wanted to get caught, added, "The struggle within myself for the things that I did ... to damage marriage and my life, it's all me. I'm doing this because, you know, I've basically never felt good enough for anyone."

"He beat my ass pretty good a bunch of times," James said of his father, Larry, who raised him after his parents divorced. "I just remember, like, the clinched teeth, a strained-neck look on his face. My whole childhood, I was always scared."

Larry James tells ABC his son's allegations of abuse are not true. Regardless, do you view Sandra's soon-to-be-ex in a different light since these interviews?

Do you forgive Jesse?

Either way, child abuse is no joke, and we certainly feel bad for James. Blaming his behavior on it may be suspect, but the emotional scars may never heal.

Follow the jump for a clip of Jesse talking about his childhood ...


Now Jesse brings out his child abuse. Well, he knew the abuse messed him up psychologically why didn't he get help. He has been living with this all his life. Why, now? Because he got caught cheating? Sandra is a wonderful person and deserves better. I hope she finds that right man that she can live happily ever after with. Jesse was out of his league anyway.


jessy is a liar. if all abused kids grow up cheating or doing bad things as a result of being beaten by thier parents at a younger age, that means all children in africa will be cheaters too bcos beating kids in afica is allowed. but those beaten kids in africa grows up and choose to live good lifes..


SANDRA i hope you read this.....forgive Jessie.He's a good guy...i believe him when he says that his CRAZY father BROKE HIS ARM .His father needs to go to jail for ruining Jessie childhood.He let his wife speak for himself saying that Jessie was lying....IT IS THE TRUTH.His father was a monster.Sandra you need help with Louie...forgive Jessie....he's a GOOD FATHER>


Sandra Bullock was out of her league with Jesse James. He was a free spirit and she had her eyes wide shut. What was she thinking? She could tame the bad boy? He is what he is and Sandra made a bad choice.


None of us had a perfect childhood, and guess what Jesse, many people were abused, but at the end of the day, or in your case because you got caught, that does not excuse what you did. Your wife would probably be more forgiving if you just owned up to what you did and said "I've cheated and I have made some very poor choices". He is not modeling "ownership" of behavior to his children. So, when one of them does something wrong they can say I did this because my dad cheated on Sandra??


Burrrrrppppp! excuse me!


What a FAGG!
Funny how things come back to bite you, and your fake "Bad Ass" image..What a FAGG.........


I think Sandra loved Jessie very much and it still hurts. I wish for her sake everybody would drop it. Everybody makes mistakes. He has to deal with his. He knows he lost the best thing he will every have. So I wish everything would drop. He is paying big time already.


it's a sad revelation, but at the end of the day he had a choice and chose to cheat. No matter how disturbed our pasts may be at some point in our lives we are all responsible for our own actions. MAN UP JESSE. YOU made the choice!


Love this site,but pleaz,no pity party pictures of Sandra. She is a dignified woman with class. Leave those sad sack photos to the tabloids.

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