Jennifer Aniston: Smart Water Sexy

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Man, Jennifer Aniston just looks so hot ... literally.

In a new ad campaign for SmartWater, the actress is drenched in sweat, showing Brad Pitt what he's missing ... her ripped, impressively toned abs.

Wearing workout gear and clutching a bottle of water, the physucally fit 41-year-old gives the camera a breathless look. The text of the ad reads:

"Working out feels great... afterwards ... That's why I drink Smart. It's hydration I can feel. (And that's one part of my routine I never sweat.)"

Enough talk. More hotness (and fitness) ...

Smart Water Hottie

Jennifer Aniston makes you want to reach for ... SmartWater.

Yoga and fitness buff Aniston, who some say has the best body ever, has been a brand spokeswoman for Glaceau SmartWater since back in 2007.

Hey, it's not Jennifer Aniston nude (like her new perfume ads) but it's pretty solid. Makes you want to ... work out? Maybe a little if she were there?

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She is a joke and a hypocrite. She tells everyone she is green and only takes a 2 minute shower to save water and the planet. Yet she is hawking her photoshopped skin showing self everywhere to try to convince you to buy plastic water bottles. How does that help the environment? What a hypocrite she is. She is only interested in making sure she looks as good as she can with all the professional help she has, personal chiefs, trainers, photographers, ect cuz that is ALL she has. Poor thing.


I want fuck you


I doubt if tight abs on a 41 year old childless ex-wife turns Brad on. What Brad thought was sexy was Jolie when she was pregnant with his twins.


Jolie is a calculated,cold whore..
i like Jenn better...


"the actress is drenched in sweat, showing Brad Pitt what he's missing." He's not missing anything. He's what, 46 or 47? a bit past swooning over tight abs age. He has what he wants, a sexy partner and six kids.


She looks good in this but it does look photoshopped, but probably most ads are. Why does every writer have to link her to Brad? It's been five years, that relationship is SO over and bringing his name into every story about J.A. is tiresome and unfair to her. I don't get Aniston fans hoping Brad will go back to her -- why would she want him? He left her for another woman and he'd do it again. Give her a break, she's not stupid. Why did he leave her? He wanted a family, she wanted a career, nothing wrong with that, but they had different interests. It's pointless to compare Jen and Angelina, they are totally different types.


If she is a beautiful person and all the good things some people say about her then why can't she keep a man? There must be something about her that we don't know because they don't write or report about it.


Looks like they slimmed her nose down and narrowed her jawline too. Shame they can't leave her face alone. Yeah, woopee she has a great body. To me I say big deal. That's all she has to show for herself. To me that is sad. I am sure she's got more to sow for herself but I am just saying. But then again it's HER life and if she's happy then so be it. For me, from my point of view, yeah who wouldn't love a body like that but I am 42 and I am happier with the things that mean the most to me, my husband, my kids, etc. than my less than perfect stomach. So I'll take the latter because when my life is over I highly doubt that my life will be judged on how taut my tummy was. I think though that the media blasts this poor woman to death in regard to her relationships, her body, etc. Why do they have to keep harping on her love life and who she dates???


She looks sooo hot! Wish she lived next door to me!!


jennifer is just beautiful.. w goin says that angelina has a set of values..dont think so. she is a homewrecker. there are no morals for this person at dont get involved with a married man!